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Cardinality of the set of all finite subsets of [0,1]

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    Hello, I was wondering this, what is the cardinality of the set of all finite subsets of the real interval [0,1]

    It somehow confuses me because the interval is nonnumerable (cardinality of the continuos [itex] \mathfrak{c}[/itex]), while the subsets are less than numerable (finite). It is clear that it has to be equal or greater than [itex] \mathfrak{c}[/itex] because one can consider subsets of only one element and there you got one set for each real number in the interval. It is equal to it, isn't?

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    You are correct that the cardinality is at least as much as the cardinality of [0.1]. The power set of an infinite set always of greater cardinality than the base set. I dunno about the finite subsets.
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    Yes. Equality holds. To see this, try to figure out the cardinality of

    [tex]\mathcal{A}_n=\{A\subseteq [0,1]~\vert~|A|=n\}[/tex]

    Then the set you are looking for is

    [tex]\bigcup_n \mathcal{A}_n[/tex]

    a countable union.
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