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Carl Jung’s synchronicity and ‘quantum entanglement’

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    Hello all!

    I propose to discuss the Carl Jung’s synchronicity problem in context of such phenomenon as ‘quantum entanglement’

    There are several interesting papers in the NET about


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    <sniff sniff> Uh oh. I smell woo-woo.

    The problem with this type of writing is that it encourages pseudo-scientific thinking. There's nothing on that site that suggests experimental data or even experimental design. Furthermore, the conclusion promotes the classical faux pas of the false dichotomy: "it cannot be explained presently, and this is the best evidence for our new idea."

    In just a few minutes, I counted:
    • argument from authority,
    • proof from verbosity,
    • baseless claims,
    • the "middle man" fallacy (arguing at that mechanics of the process are an explanation of the process itself), and worst of all
    • argument from ignorance.

    I can say that I've read the entire page now and I wouldn't recommend it as reading for anyone else. I confuses scientific words with pseudo-scientific thinking which is a recipe for disaster for the amateur scientific reader.


    *All quotes taken directly from the site linked in the original poster's post.
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    Well. What do you think about this ? :

    http://samueliinstitute.org/news/405-SIIB/version/default/part/AttachmentData/data/von%20Lucadou%20J%20Consciousness%20Stud%202007.pdf [Broken]

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    First sentence:
    This is not scientific writing!

    I'm very sorry that someone has been giving you this as reading material. The hosting site is "http://samueliinstitute.org/" [Broken] Have you taken any time to look into this organization? They are a pseudo-scientific research group. Here's an excellent tip-off:

    [PLAIN]http://samueliinstitute.org/research/104-SIIB/version/default/part/11/data [Broken]

    You are reading articles about "quantum quackiology" from a site that shows a man getting an acupuncture treatment. Furthermore, there is more information on their "donations" page than there is on any of their "mission statement" pages.

    These are NOT good sources of scientific literature.


    It took some digging (about 3 minutes worth of digging) to find the "strategic plan" page which hosts a PDF describing the institution (http://samueliinstitute.org/news/150-SIIB/version/default/part/AttachmentData/data/Samueli%20Institute%20Strategic%20Plan.pdf [Broken])

    In the PDF we learn about Susan and Henry Samueli, the founders of the organization hosting your selected reading. Susan has a doctorate in homeopathy.
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    To add to what Flex has said the Journal of Cosmology is a fairly notorious pseudo-science journal trying to mascaraed as a proper scientific publisher. This is the same as how the creationist movement started their own "peer-reviewed" journals where they just publish all their rubbish in a manner that tries to disguise it as real science.
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    Correct, it is not a valid journal. Thread closed.
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