quantum entanglement

  1. R

    I Communicating Via Quantum Entanglement Using Time Differentiated Pulse

    Which of these premises is impossible or incorrect according to our current understanding of quantum entanglement? Given 2 entangled particles, p1 and p2: Observing paired particle p1 induces a change in spin on paired particle p2. There a way of detecting a change in spin on particle p2...
  2. Lars278

    I Sending a cryptographic key faster than the speed of light

    Quantum entanglement does not imply that you can send information faster than the speed of light since you cannot manipulate what your sending. You don't know what you have until you have measured it. But you do know that you have the corresponding photon at the other location in space no matter...
  3. A

    A Does Antony Valentini's "sub-quantum measurement" really work?

    In https://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/0203049.pdf, which is in the realm of Bohmian mechanics, Antony Valentini claims that by having a "non-equilibrium" particle with arbitrarily accurate "known" position, we can measure another particle's position with arbitrary precision, violating Heisenberg's...
  4. cHaRLie Bi0NiC

    B Quantum entanglement mechanics

    I should clarify, I am a linux administrator by trade and I have no physics or scientific background outside of working at a medical institute, So if my ideas are off and seem wild and misguided, please forgive my ignorance, and while you are at it be grateful for a fresh perspective. (joke) So...
  5. S

    B Entangled Particle Detection

    My question about quantum entaglement is: is a Quantum particle's spin [altered] into another spin position at the moment of detection or is it just a 'snapshot picture' of the spin at the moment of detection (without alteration)? It seems this is an important differentiation. If there is no...
  6. Q

    New member interested in Quantum Physics

    Hey all! I'm Alexander, after all of the exposure quantum physics is getting in these Marvel movies I decided to study up and I must say Quantum Physics just doesn't set well with me. I'm very interested in what has been made capable due to the math involved with quantum physics. I have a large...
  7. Hououin Kyouma

    B How can you ensure that the particle has already been entangled?

    There are several questions I am wondering. 1. If I give you a particle, how can you ensure that the particle has already been entangled? 2. If I give you a pair of particles, how can you ensure that these particles have already been entangled? In how many ways, e.g. in the...
  8. Hawkingo

    I Want some suggestions for research papers on quantum entanglement

    I want to know more about quantum entanglement and I am a undergrad student in physics.Can someone suggest some research journals or articles to easily understand the concept deeply?
  9. T

    B Quantum entanglement

    Hi, I read some about quantum entanglement but I don't really understand the logic behind it. If you quantum entangle 2 particles by for example colliding them and then separate them by a long distance they are both in superposition and you do not know the spin of them. Then you separate them...
  10. C

    B Why doesn't this FTL communication scheme work?

    If Alice and Bob had a large number of particles entangled together (with state of either 0 or 1), could Alice send information by breaking the entanglement of particles with state of 1 (by flipping the state for example) so that Bob measures 50% of particles to be in the state opposite of 0...
  11. T

    I Quantum entanglement, wave-function collapse

    I have 2 questions i would really like to find an answer to: if we have a quantum pair, we can determine whether 2 quanta are entangled or not assuming that we have access to the information of both of them. so if we have a quantum "trio" instead of a quantum pair, does the information about 2...
  12. F

    I How does quantum entanglement communication work?

    Specifically do we know how the two parties (photons) involved communicate ? how does the state information transferred. Is it transferred by some waves similar to radio waves ? I somehow still can not believe that its real.
  13. C

    A Simple way to create entangled photon pairs?

    Two photons arrive at a hypothetical 50:50 Beam-Splitter with no phase shift between reflected and transmitted modes. One enters the Left side and the other the Bottom side of the BS as shown in Fig.1 of the link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5JsDLKoUSA5emk5Qk9nUHVIelE Each photon...
  14. J

    I ER = EPR?

    I joined this site because I had questions and wanted to discuss topics on the subject of black holes. Lenny Susskind's lecture of this topic raised quite a few question a and ideas in my mind. I did write my concerns in the comments for the video, but I'll just paste that here as well. Here's...
  15. Steven Ellet

    I Build Your Own Quantum Entanglement Experiment?

    Came across a pair of websites claiming to be DIY Quantum Entanglement Experiment. Problem is, I don't know how realistic it is. Essentially, is this real, or am I being taken for a fool? Part 1...
  16. J

    I Quantum Entanglement on the Moon

    I like this site because, even when people ask fundemenal questions ( bone headed ) they are not humiliated, lol, so hear I go. Could one use the mirror's left on the moon to observe quantum entanglement? Earth based laser, change phase on the way out, observe the returning photons?
  17. N

    I Are two entangled photons described by the same wavefunction?

    Are two entangled photons described by the same wave function or wave function shape? Heres an example... Say for example, we have a lazer in TEM01 mode that is shooting individual photons (this mode as two distinct maxima). Then the individual photons are going through a BBO crystal to become a...
  18. E

    I A question about the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment

    This delayed choice quantum eraser experiment captured my attention and after deep thought about it, I find it really startling and totally punishing to my common sense. My question is: Can you predict the future, say, a human's mind, using the quantum eraser? I imagine a modified version of the...
  19. R

    B Quantum communication will allow view the future and past?

    If a quantum communication device based in interlakced particles equipped with powerful telescope and radio receiver is placed far away some millions is years light. Then the images and radio signals detected, could belong to the future or past. And this info from the future or past can be...
  20. S

    I Quantum Entanglement-Susskind-lecture 4&5

    In Lecture 5 on quantum entanglement, Susskind calculates the Bell's inequality terms using projection operator (a difficult concept and a tedious derivation). However, I believe the following I obtained the result on the Bell's inequality using the probability of spin of an electron prepared...
  21. jfizzix

    Insights Steering: How the EPR-Paradox Fits Between Entanglement and Nonlocality - Comments

    jfizzix submitted a new PF Insights post Steering: How the EPR-Paradox Fits Between Entanglement and Nonlocality Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  22. Stephanus

    B Quantum Entanglement and events

    Dear PF Forum, I have a question regarding Quantum Entanglement. I don't know much about QE, but there's something that I want to know. Two particles are entangled. Blue line is the world line of Particle A See Pic 02 Particle B travels according to Green line. And at E1 Particle B's spin is...
  23. H

    B Communication with no latency using quantum entanglement

    So I was wandering why it is not possible to use quantum particles to communicate across vast distances. As I understand it we cannot send information using this as it would break the laws of physics but what I was wandering is why can't we us entangled particles in a binary why by changing the...
  24. M

    Entangled Photons

    If a photon A is entangled with photon B and one somehow destroys photon A, what will happen to photon B? Will it also get destroyed? And can two entangled photons combine into one?
  25. SireJoe

    Observing without Photons

    Are we able to observe other particles without the use of photons? Are we able to harness electrons or positrons to do this? I ask because of quantum entanglement. Creating a use out of quantum entanglement seems to rely on observing one of the particles and thus either getting its spin or...
  26. sciencejournalist00

    A Quantum entanglement by the means of beam splitters

    I saw many of you saying in their posts that non-linear crystals like barium borate are the only means of producing entangled photons. And because they are expensive, only some of you can afford them. But I browsed the international science magazines and found this...
  27. G

    Does quantum entanglement in fact equal a wormhole?

    So I came across this paper claiming that quantum entanglement was an as yet not understood Einstein Rosen-Bridge: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1306.0533v2.pdf I have two questions pertaining to this: 1. Does the math on this paper actually check out and is this possible? 2. Since this paper...
  28. Richa Sharma

    Physics About internships related to quantum information science

    Hi, guys, I am an undergraduate pursuing electronics and communication in her 3rd year. For last few months, I have been trying to obtain internships in the field of quantum information so that I could have more exposure to it. I am already pursuing the subject learning it in bits by bits and...
  29. D

    Quantum fluctuation and quantum mysticism

    Hello, searching for information about debunking quantum mysticism I stumbled upon this article: http://www.csicop.org/si/show/quantum_quackery/ , where one of the main arguments seems to be based on quantum fluctuation to explain Einstein´s famous "spooky effect on a distance". You can check...
  30. Enne

    Physics Is there current research going on in quantum mechanics?

    I have been recently introduced to QM and I am deeply interested in it. I have come to know that quantum cryptography, quantum computing, and quantum optics are the hot areas where research is going on. But I'm curious, is there theoretical research going on for understanding of the quantum...