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Cartoon/comic fictitous forces in superheros or villains.

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    I wonder, do you think it's possible to shoot fire, some sort of energy from your hands or eyes; like in comics or cartoons?

    Obviously we can generate fire from our hands by rubbing them together really fast, and we generate heat from our bodies, but can we also channel these energies like in the fiction world?

    I would sure like to know how...
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    No. For fire you don't only need heat but also fuel and an oxidant. Rubbing hands without fuel ##\Rightarrow## no fire.

    Channeling heat is difficult: heat transfer obeys equations that make it difficult to focus/direct it. Heat as such prefers to diffuse. Thermodynamics works against you -- real hard.
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    There is this epic fantasy trilogy called "the king killer chronicles" by Patrick Rothfuss, in that magical world there are various kinds of magic, but one of them is pretty much termodinamics friendly.
    That magic system only has a few "cheats on reality" that allow the human mind to interact directly with energies surrounding us. May it be the heat generated by your body to light a match or the fire from a bonfire to blow something up. If you are into Epic Fantasy novels, I recommend them, really good books with complex and ingesting societies.
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