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Calculators Casio Algebra FX2.0 - How it's compared with HP 50g

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    In fact I wanna buy HP 50g calculator but unfortunately, I can't find it in my country so I'm forced to wait for some chance to buy it from outside through someone (Most sites do not sell to my country Egypt) or look for an alternative from Casio which is a famous brand here. I'm not sure if the "Algebra FX2.0" is a better option or not. Any advices?
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    Never heard of the FX2.0 but I am familar with the new Casio FX-9860G model which is almost as nearly as good as the HP50G though. You can't go wrong with choosing Casio products, its a Japanese brand.
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    Ok, I'll consider it but after searching it online on the Egyptian Casio's dealer, I did not find this specific model but another model called CFX-9950GB Plus. Is it more recent than the model you quoted or what?
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    You can read more about Casio Graphing Models here. Yes the 9860G are the latest brand, and is a whole lot better. It might be hard to find because it is still new in the market.

    Classpad 300 Info: The most powerful Casio model available but it cost a fortune.
    http://edu.casio.com/products/classpad/cp_v302/index.html [Broken]

    FX-9860G Info: The 2nd best Casio model.

    CFX-9950GB Info: Older model but still good.
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