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Cats the secret to World Cup success?

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    Are cats the secret to World Cup success?

    According to this article, Could a brain parasite found in cats help soccer teams win at the World Cup?, exposure to cat feces could improve a person's athletic performance.

    Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite transported in cat feces, increases the tetosterone levels in the brain when cat feces are ingested (intentionally or unintentionally). And, better yet, drug tests don't currently test for toxo.

    Going back to 2006, 15 of the 16 quarterfinal games were one by the country having a higher infection rate of their population. So the US finally has a legitimate excuse for losing to Ghana. Only 12% of the US population is infected with the brain parasite while 92% of Ghana's population is infected by the brain parasite.

    If the US wants to win a World Cup, clearly we need to own more cats!

    And a mere 6% infection rate clearly explains England's poor performance in spite of so many star players.

    Or not. :rofl:

    Even if there was causation instead of a coincidental correlation, I'm not sure winning would be worth it.
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    Does the success rate hold true for past World Cups as well?
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    12% of Americans eat cat poop?
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    If it makes you stronger/faster, is it fair to call it a parasite?
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    Oh, I'm sure it's higher than that. Cats are unsanitary and they crawl on everything. I'm sure just about every kid in any family that has a cat has ingested at least a little cat poop.

    The percentage is just for those infected with the toxo parasite.
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    In that case, just smelling it is technically ingesting it.
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    Fascinating stuff:
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