What is world cup: Definition and 32 Discussions

A world cup is a global sporting competition in which the participant entities – usually international teams or individuals representing their countries – compete for the title of world champion. The event most associated with the concept is the FIFA World Cup for association football, which is widely known simply as "the World Cup." However, there are a number of notable popular team sports competitions labeled "world cups", such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Rugby League World Cup, and the Hockey World Cup.A world cup is generally, though not always, considered the premier competition in its sport, with the victor attaining the highest honour in that sport and able to lay claim to the title of their sport's best. However, in some sports the Olympic title carries at least as much prestige, while other sports such as diving and artistic gymnastics differentiate between their premier competitions, such as World Championships and Olympic Games, and their "World Cup", which is organised as a smaller scale but high-level showcase event with small elite fields.

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  1. bagasme

    Unofficial, broadcaster-specific World Cup sponsors

    Hi, During World Cup event that was broadcasted on my local channels (e.g. SCTV), I noticed that the channel revealed its own broadcaster-specific sponsors before and after the coverage. These sponsors are: Le Minerale (drink water) Tokopedia (e-commerce) Gojek (online transport) Telkomsel &...
  2. S

    Anyone notice that the World Cup ball is a Pyritohedron?

    The classic shape of a soccer (football for everyone outside of North America) is a Truncated Icosahedron. (And yes, all the shapes here are "rounded" forms. :rolleyes: ) https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-world-cups-new-high-tech-ball-will-change-soccer-forever/...
  3. ISamson

    2018 [+2022 update] Football World Cup: Russia

    Hello. The Football World Cup for 2018 will be in Russia. What do you think? Any opinions? http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/index.html I can't wait! Thanks.
  4. Astronuc

    Women's World Cup 2015: US Topples #1 Germany, Reaches Final

    U.S. Topples Top-Ranked Germany 2-0 To Reach World Cup Final http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/06/30/418725724/womens-soccer-game-tonight-features-the-worlds-top-2-teams The U.S., which hasn't won a World Cup since 1999, will play for the title on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET, facing either...
  5. Delta2

    Does Hair Matter in Soccer Headers?

    Well many people are probably going to laugh with this, but: Wouldnt bald players have a slight advantage in doing better header shots, because ball loses kinetic energy due to "hair resistance" (especially talking about afana hair styles), while the collision of the ball with a bald head...
  6. Borek

    World Cup - "soccer is boring and stupid" thread

    I don't want to derail the discussion in the WC threads, but after reading these two pages: http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2014-06-25.html http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-28065500 I think it deserves its own thread. Bunch of thoughts: While I agree soccer can be boring...
  7. T

    Question about World Cup probability and random selection

    Of the 32 teams that qualify for the world cup (8 groups with 4 teams each), what percentage would a roster of 16 teams-to-advance-to-the-2nd-round (2 teams from each of the 8 groups) should be correct if the teams were chosen at random? Some background: A group of us at work filled out...
  8. H

    Probabillities in the World Cup

    I was watching yesterday my county(Greece) in international cup,and I thought something about probabillities. Let's say, that two football games take place the same time. In the first game, the team that we want to win has 30% to win,and in the second game the team that,we want to win has 20% to...
  9. alyafey22

    MHB World Cup in Brasil, expectations.

    As many of you might know the WC has started a few days ago. There were many goals and unexpected results. Today the only Arabic team Algeria is chasing the dream of qualifying for the first time to the second stage when it faces the strong Belgium team. I hope they win! What about you, what's...
  10. Greg Bernhardt

    General World Cup and in-game discussion

    We need a general thread to talk about all the matches. So here it is! Let's keep the discussion rolling during the matches too for those who are watching. If you are interested in joining the PF World Cup Futbol League go here: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=756611 First...
  11. micromass

    Can You Outpredict Paul the Octopus in the 2014 PF World Cup League?

    PF FUTBOL LEAGUE! The World Cup is starting in one week! Do you think you can predict the outcomes better than Paul the Octopus? Prove it here! Voting on the winner You can start voting on the winner and runner-up right now! But... the longer you wait, the less points you will get! Days are...
  12. D H

    2014 FIFA World Cup Preview: Group Deathmatches

    The World Cup is less than three weeks away. The brackets were set long ago. There are three groups of death. Group B (Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia). Total FIFA ranking points: 4009. Difference between second and third ranked teams (Chile and Netherlands): 70. Poor Australia. They have...
  13. Superposed_Cat

    Brain-controlled exoskeleton for teen to kickoff at World Cup

    Using a sophisticated mind-controlled exoskeleton, a paralyzed teen will kick the first ball at the upcoming World Cup 2014 soccer tournament in Brazil... http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57616515-1/world-cup-to-begin-with-mind-controlled-exoskeleton-kick/?ttag=fbwp EDIT to the title...
  14. L

    Rugby World Cup Quarter Final Predictions - Who Will Take the Trophy?

    So the Rugby World Cup quarter finals are decided.Some cracking games to come over the next few weeks. Really looking forward to this weeks matches, Ireland v Wales which are the 2 most in-form teams at present.Being Irish I think we're going to shade it by 4 points.It's such a shame...
  15. F

    Cricket WC 2011: Who's Following?

    How many of the PF members are following the cricket world cup 2011 ? Depends a lot on whether you one of the 10 test playing nations, but still just curious. This is the most open WC in many years with all the top 5 teams having a realistic chance at the title.
  16. Greg Bernhardt

    2018 Russia / 2022 Qatar World Cup

    For you soccer fans I want to hear your thoughts on the new world cup venues just announced. Personally I can handle Russia even though I can't believe they beat out Spain/Portugal. But Qatar is beyond my imagination. It must be corruption. 1. Qatar has zero soccer history. 2. It's in...
  17. Evo

    WATCH IT World Cup car football (soccer)

    This is awesome. If you want to skip the info on the car, skooch ahead to 1:23 minutes. WATCH IT WITH ME! Or be banned!
  18. BobG

    Cats the secret to World Cup success?

    Are cats the secret to World Cup success? According to this article, Could a brain parasite found in cats help soccer teams win at the World Cup?, exposure to cat feces could improve a person's athletic performance. Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite transported in cat feces, increases the...
  19. K

    Discuss the World Cup 2010: England vs. USA

    World Cup 2010 kicked off this afternoon with the host nation South Africa playing to a 1-1 draw with Mexico. Since this is a global event, any football fans out there in PF can use this thread for all discussion relating to the World Cup. I think we had a special forum in previous years when...
  20. C

    World Cup Draw 2020: USA vs England

    There must be some people here who are interested in football (the proper kind), so I thought I'd start a thread on the draw for the world cup next summer: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/8383755.stm I'm sure Greg at least is looking forward to one of the first group games, with...
  21. B

    Is David Beckham Still Playing for AC Milan in World Cup 2010?

    Is David Beckham still with AC Milan? There were rumours about him may not wanting to continue? With FIFA2010 drawing closer, excitement is sure building up about the most sought after soccer cult.
  22. siddharth

    Cricket World Cup: Will Bangladesh & Ireland Win?

    Anyone following the cricket world cup? I hope Bangladesh & Ireland win their respective matches today. It would be great fun!
  23. Astronuc

    German World Cup Official - Kiessling

    World Cup official shot himself :frown: Berlin's top World Cup official shot himself in the head just hours after the tournament ended and is now fighting for his life, police say. Juergen Kiessling, 65, was rushed to hospital from his house in Reinickendorf, a suburb of Berlin, after...
  24. Astronuc

    Lost Soccer Fan Finds Way Home After 6 Hours in Hanover

    I was going to post this in the World Cup forum, but there isn't an appropriate thread. It is more of general interest than the WC, and applies to anyone traveling to some place unfamiliar. Soccer Fan Spends Six Hours Hunting for Hotel :rolleyes: Reuters Know where you are, and know where...
  25. J

    U.S. warns Germany on World Cup sex workers

    http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/06/05/human.trafficking.ap/index.html" Clearly, the U.S. believes and rightly so, that such actions are not right. However, I believe that the U.S., being committed to only a particular part of the planet, and therefore only particular individuals and not all...
  26. E

    FIFA World Cup pool. Interested?

    What do you think of creating a Physics Forums FIFA World Cup 2006 pool? Who would be interested in participating in such? The simplest form would be just to tip the winning team (or draw) in all Stage 1 matches (http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/w/schedule.html). Most correct matches...
  27. H

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of top teams in world football?

    Speaking of the world cup... This thread was inspired by the World Cup 2006 thread. So, a little background first: I have a very vague idea of how football is played, in the sense that I know what the overrall goal is and mostly know what the rules are. Yet, I am very interested in getting into...
  28. E

    Which teams will face off in the World Cup 2006 group stage?

    So here are the groups: http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/w/group/index.html From the toughest to the weakest according to my opinion: C F E B G H A D Nice to meet England again! Read Sven's comments here: http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/051209/1/5o82.html I would say the...
  29. D

    News China-Japan Soccer Rivalry: World Cup Consequences?

    From http://www.tsn.ca/soccer/news_Story.asp?ID=94091 I understand that this is soccer and that soccer fans are known to do extremely crazy things but this is getting very personal. Japan should really watch what they say in their newspapers, as in, don't provoke China. China, or at least...
  30. Shahil

    What are your thoughts on the 2010 Soccer World Cup Bid?

    Hi! Ja, this ain't a sports forum but still - its news! Tomorrow (being Saturday)is the 2010 Soccer World Cup Bid announcement. It has been said that it WILL go to Africa (after the bungle up for the 2006 WC where Germany won the bid after Charles Dempsey abstained from voting - contrary...
  31. Adrian Baker

    Rugby World Cup 2003: Unique Pre-Match Rituals

    Rugby world cup ... Following complaints made to the International Rugby Board (IRB) about the All Blacks being allowed to motivate themselves by performing the 'Haka' before their games, other nations were asked to suggest pre-match rituals of their own. The IRB Rugby World Cup 2003 Organising...