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Cell arrray that stores with iteration a new set of values

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    Here,I have a pre-defined function called 'intersections(x,....) that finds the intersections between 2 functions of x.Now,for each iteration of the loop,I get a set of (x,y1) and (x,y2) values.
    I want to store them in an array without losing the previous iteration's values. So,I figured I'd use a cell array except I can't decipher its working mechanism.Someone,please help me with this.
    Have a looksie at the code below.

    for i=1:5
    for j=1:5
    %functions f1 and f2
    [a{i,j},b{i,j}] = intersections(x,y1(x),x,y2(x),1);
    %a line of plot commands follow[not important]

    I initially used
    [xout,yout]= intersections(x,y1(x),x,y2(x),1);
    to store the coordinates of the intersections but it kept getting erased out after each iteration.I want the whole data stored coordinates stored in 1 cell array.
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    You just need to index the array somehow. For example,

    A = zeros(1,5);
    for i=1:5
    A(i) = i+1;

    This produces a 1x5 array A = [2 3 4 5 6]

    If you know the size the array needs to be, it's always better to preallocate with zeros (outside of the loop of course).

    Also in matlab at least, the index always starts with 1 (never 0)
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