1. M

    Biology Micropipetting

    Used a P100 to pipette 93.6 micro-litres of fluid. There was an air gap in the pipette tip the first time I did it but no air gap the second time. I'm assuming there shouldn't be an air gap but can somebody tell me for sure?
  2. José Ricardo

    I as a whole and not only in itself

    Biologically speaking, why I'm not a cell in my brain, or just heart, I'm me as a whole. How lucky was I to be myself as a whole, not just another cell inside my body?
  3. I

    What happens to a cell if a chromosome gets damaged

    Hi, I was wondering what would happen to a cell if one of the chromosomes gets destroyed or damaged in a section? I am guessing that, if the "housekeeping genes" and expressed genes are intact, the cell, would be ok or somewhat ok? If it can survive, would it affect its ability to do mitosis...
  4. Zeynel

    How do human cells oxidize?

    I read that cells in human body are continuously oxidized. Can you explain in layman's term what this means? Is it possible to explain cell oxidation withot reference to "electron loss." Because I cannot imagine visually how a cell can lose an electron or what that means.
  5. I

    Average neurotransmitter count in a cell?

    Is there a general average number of neurotransmitters a given cell would "work with"?
  6. I

    Do cells migrate in a body?

    Once cells in the body "find their place" between other neighboring cells, do they stay there touching each other in the same way or do they move around, migrating, sliding around with their membranes? Can a cell just "take off"? I wonder the same about neuron cells and their axons and...
  7. I

    Do amino-acids spontaneously bond within a cell?

    I was wondering whether it is possible for amino acids that end up in a cell (ready to be made into proteins) to spontaneously start to bond in the cytoplasm (or wherever the routing channel is I guess) and create randomly floating short strands of polymers? Furthermore, can it ever happen that...
  8. J

    I Is it possible to calculate Tsupercon from the unit cell?

    Hi folks, It is an elementary question for people expert in superconductivity. I know there is a theory, the BCS theory, and the GIzburg Landau theory too that apparently explains superconductivity. My question is, if I give you a unit cell would you be able to tell me the temperature at...
  9. I

    Are there genes that are expressed in every cell in organism

    I know that different cells in a body express different genes and thus have different functionalities. I am wondering if there are genes that are expressed in all the cells of a certain organism. (or for that matter in all the cells that have that specific gene, for example all mammals.)? For...
  10. moenste

    Calculate the EMF of the cell

    1. Homework Statement Explain why the PD between the terminals of a cell is not always the same as its EMF. A cell, a resistor and an ammeter of negligible resistance are connected in series and a current of 0.80 A is observed to flow when the resistor has a value of 2.00 Ω. When a resistor of...
  11. I

    Genes coding for cells?

    My understanding is that genes code for proteins that then do a certain function. Apart from mitosis in an organism, I heard that cells (in forms of stem cells) are also produced and released into the body. I guess these would be all the floating around the body cells? Or the nerve cells that...
  12. donaldparida

    B Confusion about Electro-motive force (EMF)

    The definitions of electromotive force of a cell that i have read include: 1.When no current is drawn from a cell,i.e., when the cell is in open circuit, then potential difference between the terminals of the cell is its electromotive force. 2.The electromotive force of a cell is defined as...
  13. I

    The molecular switch from welcoming to attacking a pathogen?

    I watched many videos and read bunch of answers about this, but I was having a hard time finding an answer to this one point: What is the exact moment an organism realizes that it is under an attack? I understand that there might be a few different types of ways a body can react too. So far...
  14. drew wood

    Hydrogen fuel generation

    I would like to start experimenting with hydrogen as an electricity source, but I haven't been able to find any good resources for steps after the hydrogen generation. I've made some prototypes of small-scale hydrogen generation using electrolysis, so now I basically have two bags, one filled...
  15. C

    Current algebra

    1. Homework Statement An electric circuit consists of 3 identical resistors of resistance R connected to a cell of emf E and negligible internal resistance. What is the magnitude of the current in the cell? (in the diagram two of the resistors are in parallel with each other then the other in...
  16. S

    Current limit through solar cell (forward bias)

    How much current can be forced through a photovoltaic (solar) cell before its performance starts to deteriorate? In certain accelerated lifetime testing 1.25xIsc is forced through a solar module while it sits inside a chamber (no incident light). Is there a theoretical limit to the amount of...
  17. A

    The Nernst Equation- I apologize in advance for my ignorance

    Ecell = E0cell - (RT/nF)lnQ So I understand the Nernst Equation, but I don't have some info. (Please bare with me, I'm in secondary) I'm doing a Cu - Al cell. My E cell is negative (-1.33). Does this have an affect on the equation? What exactly does E0 stand for? I understand how to find E...
  18. A

    Other What's the best highschool biology book?

    What's a good comprehensive book for a highschool student on biology that has never studied the subject before? (Campbell seems to be college/university-level so I can't touch that)
  19. ugi_89

    Temperature controlling system with peltier battery?

    Hello everyone! I have a thesis to design a temperature stabilizing(controlling) system for solar cells.I need to use 12V Peltier battery and a simple pc fan.Any further help is appreciated.
  20. S

    Ideal cells in parallel combination

    good evening to all if two ideal cells with emf 6 volt and 3 volt are connected in parellel to supply current how the net emf can be decided
  21. S

    488nm LED's?

    Why cant I find any LED's at 488nm? Im trying to find a cheaper light source than the traditional argon ion laser for a possible fluorescence activated cell sorter. See link below for schematic. Does anybody know a good retail site for lights in this spectrum I cant find good results with...
  22. ryanuser

    Why so many treatments for cancer?

    After spending some time doing a project on cancer I found out there are dozens of treatments abailable to at least decrease the cell divison in cancerous cells. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgury. Each one divides into sub categories with tons of treatments available. After looking at lung...
  23. M

    Matlab Issue with aligning text in table format in .txt file

    1. Homework Statement uData is a 30x5 matrix with numbers. name_Database is a 30x1 cell array with strings of Names (e.g. Fake Subject 1, Fake Subject 2, Bob). What would fix the code so that the data aligns? (please see image for the misalignment). 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at...
  24. S

    What is the importance of the solution in an electrochemical cell?

    I'm wondering about the importance of the electrolytic solution in an electrochemical cell. For example, we have Zn/ZnSO4 and Cu/CuSO4. According to the electrochemical series, Zn will reduce Cu, and we will have a reaction. Zn(s) -> Zn2+(aq), Cu2+(aq) -> Cu(s). So there MUST be Cu2+ in the...