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Center of the galaxy and the great attractor

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    I want to know about the center of our galaxy, and every other galaxy by the way, I heard that the condensed matter and light comes from a Super massive blackhole that 'aspires' everything around it & I want to know if it's true ( If we have proved it ) or is it just a suposition, & by the way if it's true it also means that our galaxy and every other galaxy will end up sucked up by the super massive black hole ?

    the second thing I want to ask about is the great attractor, what is it ?
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    Its is true yes. As i understand it there isnt always just one but there can be several supermassive blackholes. Usually detected by immense jets of charged particles from the poles of the blackholes and usually stars that are locked in a very fast and close orbit to the host blackhole. And your question about the galaxy being sucked up by these supermassive black holes..the answer is no we wont. A blackholes event horizon (ie the point of no return) is so small in comparison to the size of a galaxy it would never be able to consume anything on that scale....

    Hope this helps
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    There is this REALLY nifty thing on the internet called "Google search". You should consider learning how to use it.
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    one of the searches led to something like '...The source of this mysterious gravity is known as the Great Attractor. What it is, exactly, is still unknown.'
    and I posted the topic after I did a research on google, but haven't understood it quite well
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    Is it not closely linked with dark matter? Is gravity not just attached to a frame work and concentrations of dark matter. As gravity alone doesnt have the strength to hold a galaxy together. They found this as stars toward the centre of galaxys wer orbiting the the galaxy at the same speed as the outer most stars...which if only held by gravity wouldnt wirk....i think :s
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    While a supermassive black hole does assist in attracting things towards the center of a galaxy, it is only a small component in that process. The gas and stars at the galactic center far outmass the black hole and exert more of an influence on a large scale.

    Dark matter helps hold everything together because it interacts with everything else through gravitation. Finding out that there is more gravity out there than there should be led us to hypothesize dark matter to begin with.
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