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Chances of admission into MIT, Harvard and Penn

  1. Oct 8, 2012 #1
    Hi, here are my credentials.

    2008-2010: First two years of BSc physics at Imperial College London - 89% in my first year and 69% in the second year.

    2010-2012: took gap years due to financial difficulty

    2012-2013: Final year of BSc Physics at Imperial College London - expected to obtain 80% in the third year. Expected to graduate with first class honours degree.

    What are my chances of getting into Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Caltech, Penn, UC Berkeley, Michigan, Columbia, New York University, CUNY, British Columbia, Toronto, McGill for postgraduate physics course? Will I get 100% scholarship from any of the universities? Should I aim lower?
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    No one knows.

    There's funding for MSc degrees in Canada. Look into the Perimeter Institute as well. If you go down the BSc + MSc route before a PhD, you could then apply for PhDs in Europe. (i.e, Germany, Switzerland, France, etc)

    I think Cologne has an astro program that offers funding at the MSc level as well.

    For the US, go over at physicsgre.com and take a look at the profiles of applicants there. I remember a guy from Imperial who applied to a few schools and got into GeorgiaTech. The only school he got into, and he had a first class degree as well. I suggest you talk to your professors about grad school in the USA to find out more on the subject; surely, some of them have written recommendation letters for previous students. Search through Imperial's physics departments for profs who did their PhDs there, and talk to them. They'll know better.
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