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Change in coffee taste under certain conditions - chemical explanation?

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    I'm just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction here.. or maybe I'm just crazy lol.

    I'm a big coffee drinker. When I go out, I usually grab a coffee and walk around with it in hand. (mall's, convenience stores, book stores, subways and buses etc...) and as expected there is not a difference in the taste as i go from place to place.


    There is this one restaurant that I have been going to for years (a sandwich place), and every time I walk into the place the taste of my coffee changes and tastes horrible. If I take a sip outside the door, my coffee tastes fine.. I take one step inside, and its horrible - i dont know how to explain it, but it has a strong chemical taste.

    Its just very strange, that this only happens at this one place. There are no strong odors at this place, they just make sub sandwiches... and when I eat at this place the food tastes fine, and the soft drink tastes fine as well - so this is specifically with coffee (if its important, i dont have any sugar in my coffee - just milk)

    ANy ideas on what might be causing this?
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    Taste and smell sense are strongly correlated, so I can imagine there is some smell at the place (not strong) that makes such an effect. Could even be it works just on you. But that's just my guess.
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    Could the shop be using Febreze or some other blocking/masking fragrance to lessen offensive odors? If my nose isn't working properly, nothing tastes right - especially coffee.
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