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Change of the Intrinsic value of Spin

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    Well, I'm going through quantum mechanics and I learned that bosons with whole integer spins can occupy the same quantum state. Is it possible that the spin of fermions change to bosons which would account for the collapse of matter occupying the same quantum states in black holes?
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    There is indeed a symmetry that relates bosons to fermions; it is called supersymmetry (SUSY). One can show that it entangles bosons with fermions plus spacetime symmetry. You should have heard about commutators of angular momentum operators: in SUSY anti-commutators of SUSY operators generate spacetime translation operators!

    But: SUSY particles have not been found experimentally (it's one of the aims of the LHC); due to conservation laws there is no process which simply turns fermions into bosons; there has never been the idea that matter in black holes simply turns fermions into bosons which eventually could cause the collaps.

    The singularity in a black hole signals the breakdown of the very concept of spacetime as developped in General Relativity. A simple trick of bosons forming the singularity does not help.
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