What is Format: Definition and 133 Discussions

In computing, format, a command-line utility that carries out disk formatting. It is a component of various operating systems, including 86-DOS, MS-DOS, IBM PC DOS and OS/2, Microsoft Windows and ReactOS.

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  1. A

    Comp Sci IEEE-754 Precision Format

    Hello! (Note : I put the prefix as comp sci, since at my uni this is a computer science class but I am in EE so it could be put under both prefixes. If anyone feels its more appropriate as Engineering feel free to change) So here is my attempt at the solution The formula that we are given is...
  2. daniel314shoe

    Format for Mathematical Expressions

    TL;DR Summary: Why has format for mathematical expressions changed? The formula I am using as an example here is from classical physics so that is why I have chosen the classical physics forum. I have been running into a new format very different from what I have been used to for decades...
  3. Frabjous

    LaTeX What is the baseline height when using Safari for latex formatting on an iPad?

    Using safari on an ipad \sqrt{ab} has a slight vertical offset between a and b. ##\sqrt{ab}## Is it me?
  4. nataelp

    Force between 2 point charges in VECTOR format (x i + y j + z k)

    I tried using the distance between r2 and r1 and plugging them into the equation for i, j, k. >> So for the force in the x direction it was k*(4E-6*4E-6)/(4-9)^2. The answer I got was wrong according to webassign. Can someone please tell me what I am missing?
  5. binbagsss

    LaTeX References format in beamer, LaTeX

    When I am citing references in beamer they are coming out as listing the author, I just want it to give a number instead. This is the code I am using, and, this is how my references and the citation are currently displaying. Many thanks in advance ! Relevant code in the document for...
  6. Shovon00000

    I Expressing a differential equation into a different format

    How do we express this differential equation (dy/dx)= (y/x) + tan(y/x) into this form( Mdx + Ndy=0) where M,N are functions of (x,y) ?
  7. N

    Is it enough to format a computer/phone for erase a malware/virus?

    I have a question about a infecting computer or smartphone: If was infected and the contents can be viewed in real time in other equipment... its enough to format for clean the computer/smartphone? or the "ip" needs to be change or is required use a VPN? How its infected this kind of...
  8. W

    What is the baseline date for the Google default time format?

    Hi, Just opened some .xml file in which time is given as a 10 digit number starting with 1570. I assume it represents the number of seconds from some baseline date. Anyone know if this is it and if so, the baseline date? Thanks.
  9. C

    MHB How many times should the value of inputCount be read?

    First, read in an input value for variable inputCount. Then, read inputCount integers from input and output each integer on a newline after the string "value - ". Ex: If the input is 2 25 55, the output is: value - 25 value - 55 Code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() {...
  10. B

    How to format x axis to a smaller scale in Gnuplot?

    So here is what I'm trying to do. The values on x-axis are from 10000, 20000, 30000, ... 100000. I'm trying to write it like this: 10, 20, 30, 40, ... 100 (only x axis) But how do I do this? I've tried those two examples How to scale the axis in Gnuplot, How to scale the axes in Gnuplot but...
  11. Arman777

    Adjusting the printing format for the given variables in R

    I have data like -418 -26066 -539 -33810 -763 -47745 207 12395 -701 14732 473 -8748 862 -19061 744 -16347 680 59377 -637 -53885 -720 35840 -486 23906 -147 3505 762 -20129 677 -53800 849 -67388 -690 42730 995 -63425 203 -4108 620 -11614 93 -6381 26 -1423...
  12. DaveC426913

    Is a play script the right format?

    I am forming my next short story and considering the format most appropriate for it. It's a spec fiction story but it's highly cerebral. It involves as few as two characters, and takes place in pretty much a single location. Think of it as analogous to a ghost story, like that told around the...
  13. I

    Comp Sci C language "too many arguments for format" error

    I have a problem there,I want to Users decide a,b,c,d,e numbers. if I write printf("enter numbers:"); scanf("%d",&a); printf("enter numbers:"); scanf("%d",&b);... if ı do like that ,it has not any problem but its not effective,Program always asking number a,b,c etc. My wish is...
  14. Y

    Problem with importing an address book (.csv format) to yahoo.com

    Hi I created a new yahoo.com email account to replace the old sbcglobal.net. I want to load the address contact from the sbcglobal.net to the yahoo.com. I have no issue creating the contact.csv from the sbcglobal.net and saved on the desktop already. My problem is I fail to import to the...
  15. K

    I Vector calculus identity format question

    I know there is an identity involving the Laplacian that is like ##\nabla^2 \vec A = \nabla^2 A## where ##\vec A## is a vector and ##A## is its magnitude, but can't remember the correct form. Does anyone knows it?
  16. opus

    LaTeX How to format "sub step indentations" in LaTeX

    Please see the attached image for reference. I'm looking for a way to kind of "indent" in my steps to make it clear that I'm working on a subset of a problem. For example in this case, I want to evaluate each integral separately in kind of a sub step to so that everything is not running down in...
  17. E

    Do I Need to Take Any Special Steps to Format a Dual Boot System?

    I have a dual boot laptop: Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I would like to format my laptop, and install a fresh copy of Windows 7, and install the new version Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS. My question is: do I need to do any thing special? Usually, when I start my laptop I press one of the F keys (I forgot which...
  18. CivilSigma

    Admissions Acceptable format of a Research Staement?

    I have read online that a research statement should follow an essay format. However, I am having a hard time transitioning from my introductory paragraph into my main body paragraphs. So, I was wondering if it would be possible to section my essay as follows: Would this be acceptable, or...
  19. D

    Font Letter changes when saved in .svg format in xmgrace

    Hi, 1) I want to save a .agr file in xmgrace. So, i go to File--> print setup--> device --> svg --> accept and then i give Cntrl+p in order to save it. But if i view the .svg file the font of the letters (say labeling the x-axis and y-axis etc in Times Roman font..) get altered into another...
  20. C

    MATLAB Matlab: Convert Unusual Date Format to Readable Date

    Hello everybody. Recently I have been given a series of archives which contain a series of measurements and the dates in which they were measured. The problem is that this format is the time which has happened in hours since 1900-01-01 at midnight. Can someone tell me how can I find out how to...
  21. N

    Struggling with a strange on screen format issue

    Hi, I really hope someone here can help. I'm a nurse and not in the computer field (so I might be doing something dumb). We have a really old fortran system that we keep old history on. I'm trying to move the program onto a new computer. Its been a mission to do, but I've got through most...
  22. ORF

    Question about input format file (for creating a net)

    Hello I am not sure about what should be the best format for a input text file. I think before start shooting in the dark, it's better to ask experienced people. The (C++) program has to create a net. The nodes will be defined in a input text file. For convenience, the net will be a bunch of...
  23. Arij

    Courses How Should I Structure My Senior Year Solid State Physics Term Paper?

    Hello every one, End of terms papers always are weird and non natural for me. This is a senior class about solid state physics and we are asked to write a 5-10 pgs term paper on a certain topic. My question is how do you go about formatting this kind of paper? Abstract(??) ->...
  24. D

    Algorithm to matrix product MSR format

    Hi everybody, I'm writing some algebra classes in C++ , Now I'm implementing the modified sparse row matrix , I wrote all most all of the class, but I didn't find the way saving computing time to perform the product of two Modified sparse row matrix .. if you don't know it you can read in the...
  25. M

    Fortran Fixing Nonnegative and Positive Width Errors in Fortran Code Format Strings

    When compiling a fortran code (*.f90) i got these errors: 1- Nonnegative width required in format string. 2- Positive width required in format specifier D. In Code::Blocks Ide, these errors are referred in the code to : format( 1000i ) and format ( 1000d ) respectively. How can i solve this?
  26. B

    How to convert XRD results in .txt format to .dat or others?

    I had some precipitate samples analyzed for XRD and the operator sent me the results in .txt format containing the 2θ and intensity data. I want to plug the data to QualX software but apparently it cannot read data in that format. Is there any way to convert the data to compatible formats (e.g...
  27. Leonardo Machado

    C/C++ Extracting information of data in column format using C++

    Hello friends, how are you ? Today's question is: How do i choose the data i want to extract from a file in c++ ? I have this data file in columns format, something like: x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I know there is the command file.getline() , and this...
  28. LarryS

    Mathematical Format of Lagrangian vs Symmetries

    Most of the lectures that I have watched online say that a symmetry exists when the mathematical form of the Lagrangian does not change as a result of some transformation, like a local gauge change. But how does nature "know" the mathematical form of the Lagrangian? Obviously, I am missing the...
  29. D

    MHB Find unknowns in equation going from perfect square? to quadratic format?

    Hi all I'm trying to work out how to answer this type of problem. (6x+2z)^2-64=(ax+2z+8)(-8+bx+cz) where a, b and c > 0 I have attempted the problem by expanding the brackets: =36x^2+24xz+4z^2-64 This is the same as (6x+2z)^2-(8)^2 Then subtracting from either 'side' of the quadratic and...
  30. kelvin490

    Different format of .dat files in different software

    I have generated some .dat files using Fortran on a cluster. I need to use WinSCP(https://winscp.net/eng/download.php) to access files in the cluster so sometimes I just use the WinSCP to open the .dat files generated. The data can be shown regularly like this one...
  31. P

    Calculators TI-Nspire CX -- How to change the format of answer?

    Does anyone know how to change the format of the answers given in the scratchpad? For example, when converting degrees to radians, ##177^{\circ}(\frac{\pi}{180})##, I want the calculator to give me ##\frac{59\pi}{60}## instead of 3.08923. Any help would be appreciated! This has been really...
  32. Z

    De facto standard file format for electronic circuits

    What's the most common way to store electronic circuits in digital form ? What is the ".pdf document" equivalent for the electronic world ?
  33. F

    Lost PST files after format - how to recover deleted files?

    Hi guys, I've accidently formatted my PC with lots of PST files which were on drive c:. I REALLY need to recover them ASAP. Which tools can I run in order to recover those files? I've already tried the following: 1) Recover my files 5.x - both full partition recovery and PST file 2) Hetman...
  34. S

    Fortran Rules for Fixed Format Fortran: A Comprehensive Guide

    Are there any rule guides on fixed format Fortran such as in .f77, .f, .for files? For example, http://www.physics.nau.edu/~bowman/PHY520/F77tutor/03_basics.html has a few snippets of rules for Fortran 77 such as Col. 1 : Blank, or a "c" or "*" for comments Col. 1-5 : Statement label...
  35. B

    Changing format of the equation of interpolation

    Give 2 points: (a, f(a)) and (b, f(b)), is possible plot a line function L(x) that intersects these two points, the linear function is: L(x) = f(b) \frac{(x - a)}{(b-a)} + f(a) \frac{(x-b)}{(a-b)} In other format, is: L(x)-f(a) = \frac{f(b)-f(a)}{(b-a)} (x-a) Now, given 3 points: (a, f(a))...
  36. C

    How Do You Calculate Bicarbonate Levels in Respiratory Disorders?

    Homework Statement Trying to create an equation to calculate the expected bicarbonate level given a respiratory acidosis or alkalosis (this is purely a math question, though). I am not sure if my equations are in the right format in terms of the order of operations and use of brackets, etc...
  37. H

    Kronecker function products - matrix format

    Hi all, Firstly, I am not sure whether this is the area of the forum to ask this. I have been learning and researching a completely different topic, and from this I have come across a completely new concept of the Kronecker function. I have done a google search on this to get the intro and...
  38. K

    Fortran Fortran : generating different output files in a loop

    implicit none character*4 head1,head2,ext character*10 fn1,fn2 integer i,kev head1='jack' head2='jill' ext='.dat' do i=1, 50000 kev=int((i-1)/50)+1000 if(mod(i,50).eq.0) then write(fn1,'(a,i4,a)') head1,kev,ext write(3,*) fn1 write(fn2,'(a,i4,a)') head2,kev,ext...
  39. S

    How Does IEEE Single Precision Format Store 7 Decimal Digits?

    Could someone please show me some examples how IEEE single precision format can used to store approximately 7 decimal digits of a number when the number is written in decimal format? How this is related to the statement ##2^{-23}=1.19\times10^{-7}##?
  40. Semiavas

    Writing my first paper for publishing, we or I?

    Hello, I came up with an idea, wen't through the steps and it consistently worked. So now I'm writing a paper on it to submit for publishing. Along with this being my first forum post this is my first paper to publish, and I'm also only in my undergraduate right now, so please pardon my...
  41. M

    VHDL how to write in text format to a output.txt file

    Homework Statement How can I write to the output file in text format in VHDL? Like I want this to be in the output.txt file after I run my program. Hexadecimal - Binary - Total - Error - Success Basically this will be the header of my .txt file. thank you. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at...
  42. J

    Mathematica Mathematica: unable to format isomorphic expression

    I can't figure out how to format a variable isomorphic expression in Mathematica so that it will look nice. The best I can do will put parentheses around everything and expand powers. For example, given the array ##\{2,4,4,3,3\}##, I'd like Mathematica to write...
  43. AlbeFerS

    Nuclear data libraries in ACE format for MCNP5

    Hello everyone, I need some continuous-energy neutron cross sections libraries in ACE format for MCNP5 (endf66a, endf66b, endf66c, misc5xs) as well as the continuous-energy photon tables (mcplib, mcplib02, mcplib03, mcplib04). Here: http://www.oecd-nea.org/janisweb/search/endf , we have...
  44. B

    Comp Sci Output format of a matrix in Fortran 90

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm also new in programming. I never did it before and now I have a problem with one of the programs in fortran 90 and I can't figure out how to solve it. Maybe some of you can help me. Many thanks in advance. 1. Homework Statement I need to plot the results of a...
  45. N

    What is the format for ionic lewis structure w/ resonance?

    Homework Statement I need to draw NH4NO2 which is an ionic compound. 3. The Attempt at a Solution NH4 is fairly straightforward to draw, with one N in the middle and four H surrounding, and no lone pairs. The problem comes with NO2- which is one nitrogen bonded to two oxygens. However, one...
  46. A

    Calculators Ti-89 cabable of a html format viewer?

    I have .Html files I can use offline. Is there viewer for html on the ti-89?
  47. pecchiaw12

    Vertical format and dotted / double dotted x

    Homework Statement I am trying to understand what [x^. x^..] means, and information regarding the vertical format it is in . Can someone please help me understand, or refer me to a website that can aid me. Thank you!The system is given by...
  48. M

    Matlab Issue with aligning text in table format in .txt file

    Homework Statement uData is a 30x5 matrix with numbers. name_Database is a 30x1 cell array with strings of Names (e.g. Fake Subject 1, Fake Subject 2, Bob). What would fix the code so that the data aligns? (please see image for the misalignment). Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution...
  49. Vigardo

    How to export an ANSYS model into STL format for 3D printing

    Hi experts! Do you know how to export an ANSYS model into STL format? I´ve only found some method for solid meshes here http://www.padtinc.com/blog/the-focus/color-3d-printing-ansys-ansys-mechanical-and-mechanical-apdl-results, but my model contains only BEAM4 elements. Would it be possible...
  50. J

    FE Exam. Questions on Study Materials and New Format

    First, hopefully this is in the right section. So I am looking for the best way to prepare for the new FE Mechanical exam. I know that the format changed in January 2014 so I am having a hard time finding the best books and study materials for this new format. In Google searches results come up...