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Homework Help: Chemical name for 12 protons and 10 electrons?

  1. Sep 30, 2007 #1
    What would the chemical name for
    12 protons and 10 electrons?

    This has been bugging me forever!!
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    protons give the identity of the element, the number of protons is the atomic number

    a) look on the periodic table, and look up 12, what is its name

    b) if an atom has less electrons than protons, what kind of ion is it?

    put a) and b) together and you have the name

    c) if it has 10 electrons and 12 protons what is its charge?

    put a) and c) together and you get its symbol
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    ok i get it now...so it would be magnesium 2+
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    I mean Mg 2+
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