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Cherry Pickr Tippng Angle & Potential Energy Req To Tip

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    I have been tasked with working out load charts for various MEWPS (or cherry pickers) on board semi-submersible rigs, the iddea is to de-rate these in various sea states the same as an offshore crane, i have tried to simplify this as much as i can, however i am stuck when i try to work out the potential energy required to tip a cherry picker when the rig rolls and pitches (this is not a comprehensive engineering investigation, merely a simplification of what is required), i also would like to work out the inclination or angle required to make the cherry picker tip over.

    Can anyone help with this?, i have attached a doc with sketches and figures to try and show you my way of thinking....

    Thanks in advance

    Glocki 35

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    It doesn't take any energy to tip - it gives off energy that's why it happens.
    You just need the CoG (technicaly the centre of mass) to move outside the base (ie the wheels) all pitching and rolling of a ship does is to provide the tip
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    Hi MGB_phys,

    just wanted to say thanks for the reply, much appreciated :)
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