Choosing a UK University for Maths and Physics: Tej's Experience

In summary, the conversation is about a student who is deciding on their university choices for a joint honours degree in Maths and Physics. They have been rejected by Imperial but have received offers from Warwick, KCL, Bath, Bristol, and UCL. They are considering their options and are weighing factors such as reputation, location, and teaching quality. They are also discussing the possibility of transferring to a different course after their first year. They have not yet decided on their firm and insurance choices, but are leaning towards UCL as their firm choice and KCL as their insurance choice.
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Hi, I am new to this forum. I am from UK as well. Studying A2 Maths Chem Physics and AS Further Maths.
Hows it going everyone? Heres my university choices for MATHS AND PHYSICS joint honours. Note, all UK Uni's.

Imperial - rejected
Warwick - AAA - FIRM
KCL - AAB and a pass in AS FM
Bath - AAB
Bristol - ABB/AAC

UCL - PHYSICS (but i will switch onto theoretical physics if i get there) - AAB (in any order)

Heres where it gets interesting. UCL was my other choice for Maths and Physics. At UCL, Maths and Phys is ONLY handled by the Maths dept. In january i went for an interview with the Maths dept. Few weeks later i got a letter saying that they were going recommend to the faculty office that they should reject me. HOWEVER, it also said on the letter that if i was interested, they could forward my application to the physics dept for consideration. A few months later (my fault), i contacted the admissions for Physics, and to cut a long story short, the Phys dept were going to make me an offer. lol sounds like a story.

Last friday, they have offered me AAB for a place for straight Msci Physics, not Maths and Phys (as Phys don't handle it, and maths is the impending dept). So I've got an offer from UCL, but not for the course that i applied to do. The admissions guy at UCL goes that i can change to any course offered by the Phys dept but not Maths and Physics, inc Theoretical Phyics, which he goes, is the closest thing to Maths and Phys.

Ive realistically picked out Warwick AAA, Kings AAB + pass in AS FM and UCL AAB as the three that i would like to go to. But which ones do you think i should put as my firm and insurance. Note, that kings are the only uni on my list that are actually making an offer based on AS further maths.

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So, do you want to do Physics, Maths or both...?

All those on your list are good places -- I'd think about whether or not you want to live in London during your degree tho' (unless that's where you're based anyway), eg. costs, vastness...

Reputation-wise, I'd go UCL over KCL.

However, I'd rather live in Bath or Bristol while doing a degree.

(Warwick's nice and has a good Maths dept. -- but I don't like Coventry as a city too much.)
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i also applied to similar uni as u..but for a degree in PHYSICS


I TOO got rejected ONCE only from imperial...but accepted for all other courses.

i FInally went to KINGS...


kings for PHYSICS- is not they would give u a lower offer anyway.

If you really want to do the course that you wanted...still go UCL. start the course...get really good first year results then transfer to PHYSICS AND MATHS (2ND YEAR UCL).

YOU CAN transfer any time.


but whatever happens...overall don't go kings...teaching is not good for many ex students will tell you..

i understnad you might think kings is is excelent ..but not for physics...
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Thanks for that guys
Tbh i would like to do maths or JOINT honours maths and physics, not straight physics really, that why i might go for kings, because i can always switch onto straight maths when i get there. Warwick is my obvious firm choice. UCL has got an excellent rep, i am well aware of that, but i can't do maths there in my first year. Id rather go to a decent uni like kings to do a course that i WANT to do rather than go to a top uni like UCL doing a course that i don't want to do. I know it sounds weird, but that i how i really feel at the moment.

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