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Clarification on dorsal and ventral area in humans

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    I just need some clarification for the human anatomy, where does the dorsal stop and ventral begin. So for the back for example, does the dorsal stop at the butt or above it.
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    Hi mazinse! :smile:

    No humans seem to have replied, so …

    for us fish, dorsal goes right down to the tip of my tail, and down the back of both fins. :biggrin:
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    Based on the phrasing of your question, I think you are misunderstanding the terms dorsal and ventral. Keep in mind that terminology is a little different in humans (bipeds) than other animals (quadripeds).

    In humans, dorsal and posterior are synonyms. Basically, everything to the back of the body...back of the head, back of the legs, back. Ventral and anterior are synonyms, so that would be your face, chest, front of your legs, etc.

    You might be mixing up superior and inferior, which refer to the head end vs. foot end, respectively. There is no clear boundary of those, because they are terms for relative position, not body regions.

    If you want to find a general idea of a boundary between ventral and dorsal, usually the mid-axillary line is considered a good lateral boundary between the two, and the imaginary plane that would be formed by joining the mid-axillary lines of each side.
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