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B Clarification Requested: Particles as higher dimensional objects

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    I request clarification on the the dimensional definition of fundamental particles.

    4th dimensional objects interacting with the 3rd dimension would appear as coherent 3D slices of their 4th dimensional bodies at time T. The "slice" observed would be unknown without complete knowledge of the 4th dimensional body but could be deduced via a wave function for objects that fluctuate between known states.

    My question is this: if sub atomic particles were higher dimensional objects, wouldn't they appear as if they exist in a super position of states until observation in which the wave function collapses (or in other words, the higher dimensional object interacts with a 3D plane as an observed slice of collapsed properties)?

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    The Schroedinger equation is for point particles. Those point particles have three-dimensional wave functions. They could also have four-dimensional wave functions in a four-dimensional space, but that is the same idea. You would observe completely erratic behavior if you try to describe the wave function in a 3D slice of the 4D space (without taking the full wave function into account). That would not fit to observations at all.
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