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Classification of Engineering drawings as per Standards

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    What is Level 1 engineering drawing? What does it mean?

    Is there any particular section dealing about classification of engineering drawings in ASME Y 14 series.

    Please throw some light on this

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    Anyone, please share their knowledge
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    I can't say I ever remember anything called "Level 1" type of drawing in any of the ASME Y14 series. I'll have to take another look through to make sure.

    Perhaps it is in reference to an assembly level of a drawing. In other words, the most basic level is a part drawing. The next higher level could be a subassembly level, the next higher level another subassembly. The highest level being the top level assembly drawing.
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    Thanks Tyroman and FredGarvin.

    As FredGarvin pointed out, it is not part of ASMEY14, but was mentioned in MIL standard.
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    In a nutshell: Level 1 – Conceptual and Developmental Design, Level 2 – Production Prototype and Limited Production, Level 3 - Production.
    In level 3 drawings, all of your i's must be dotted and t's crossed, with nothing left open to varying interpretations.
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