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Clothes and chemicals don't mix

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    [SOLVED] Clothes and chemicals don't mix

    After taking analytical this summer I notice I have many holes in my jeans...

    I spilled some Zimmermann-Reinhardt reagent on my jeans and I spilled it on my pocket of my jeans. I do know that it contains H2SO4 but I notice that everytime I was the jeans I have holes popping up...(darn it) I also worked with nitric, phosphoric, and of course hydrochloric acid this summer as well.

    Not only that, I also have other jeans which have holes popping up but I know I didn't spill any acid on them or base....

    Why is it that washing causes the holes to be bigger and holes to appear where there was none? Is there a reaction with the detergent or is it the fabric is weak after the chemical spill or splatter?
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    The fabric is damaged after the chemical spill and the holes grow in size after each washing. Unless you wear a lab apron, you are destined to ruin your chlothes, even if you are not working with acid. Sulfuric acid lingers and the edge of the lab bench is not often cleaned well. When you lean against a lab bench anywhere in the lab, you can damage your chlothes, especially 100% cotton.
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    Oh..interesting to know...gosh dang it..I guess I'll just have holes pop up again and again and...again.
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    wear plastic, synthetic fibers like polyester,vinyl, and other acid resistant materials
    I hate wearing anything other than cotton though.
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    I guess I'll have to look at the label before I wear something on lab day.
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