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Clubs must for grad school admission?

  1. Jan 24, 2009 #1

    I wonder if extracurriculars are necessary for admission into top graduate schools.
    Currently as an undergraduate, I am doing some community work and I am a member of the IEEE student chapter at my university. But I am not much active in the chapter and I wont become an officer. Will it be an obstacle for me while applying to top grad schools like Stanford an MIT?
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    Not really. Grad schools don't really care about much beyond grades, test scores, research experience, and recommendations.
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    If you're applying to Math/Physics schools, being a university tutor in Math/Physics or a TA may be marginally helpful. It may also help you do better on the subject test. Other than that, volunteer and charity work, while possibly being self-fulfulling, is rather irrelevant on grad school applications.
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