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CNC lathe questions (ProtoTRAK Southwestern Industries)

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    We have two CNC horizontal lathes, one 1845SX and one 2460SX. I am in process to write some maintenance procedures and I am interested how I can check the operating time this machines already have.
    The operator does not know how to check the total operating time and the Operation Manual requires, for example, to flush and drain the Headstock oil every 1500-2000 hours. Is there a possibility to find how many hours this machines where in operation?
    I am not a CNC "guru".
    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Do you really have no way to estimate the number of hours on the machines? If you really have no idea, you probably should to all of the periodic maintenance (PM) procedures to establish a baseline, and start keeping better records.


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    Thank you "berkeman". It is exactly what I am going to do, with all manual and CNC machine tools.
    I appreciated your prompt answer. All the best.
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    Wire an hour meter into the motor circuit. Hobbs meter for example.
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