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CNN Article about Crisis-Apparitions

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    CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"


    I'm surprised this is mentioned in CNN.

    Do you think stuff like that can happen?

    Or are you 100% certain it can't happen? Why?

    Supposed it could happen just for sake of discussion. What part of our physics need to be upgraded or modified? Would Copenhagen Interpretation still hold true? Or would Bohmian Mechanics Implicate Order be closer to reality?
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    As the article points out, these things happen when there's been an intimate bond.

    Last year the brother of a woman I know died. A couple weeks later her mother reported to her that the brother had walked through their living room the night before and paused to wink at her, as if to say "No worries!" and then walked out of the room. After this, the mother began spending an hour or so every day conversing with the urn of his ashes. She recommended the daughter do the same because "He's not really dead. I saw him."

    It's pretty easy to suppose the mother was reacting to the death of her son by hallucinating a sort of "good bye" scenario that makes everything OK. It's a case of emotional shock.

    My bet about the scenarios where the apparition is reported as having shown up before the person received the news of the death is that it's most likely a case of false memory. The shock causes people to later misremember the timeline in such a way that death is even easier to bear. The person cannot accept the death, therefore they engineer a scenario in which the person is "not really dead", they continue in some form of "afterlife" and everything is really OK.
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    I am open to the possibility that this might happen, but strongly doubt it does. There has to be some other, rational explanation.
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    I wouldn't be too much surprised, a true scientist is open to anything as long as there are proofs. I just wish I didn't see this now, now I won't be able to sleep :uhh:

    That could be true, but are there any other situations where it's known that this happens? If this happens it'd be observed in other traumatic events.
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    If you mean apparitions seen of people that are alive, but in an accident, etc... there are anecdotes of these also. Usually though, you'll find that the person has the "memory" AFTER they receive the news.
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    When I was a kid in Catholic School one nun once told us about the phenomenon of "bi-location". This is an alleged ability to be in two places at once. A few of the saints are said to have had this ability. They appeared to people in one city at a time they were well known to be living very far away in another city. Witnesses attest to the fact the saint was home when they allegedly showed up two days journey away. This happened when they were alive and well, i.e. no trauma.

    The reason she mentioned it is because "bi-location" was considered a miracle, and, in order to be canonized a saint a person has to have been responsible for a miracle. Such stories are presented, with witnesses, when they are being considered for canonization.

    I have read that shamans and wizard-types also allegedly have this ability to show up far away from where they "actually" are.

    That's the only thing I've heard of remotely similar to the alleged phenomenon in the CNN story.

    In a somewhat related vein, it used to be reported, in earlier writings on hypnotism, that once a hypnotist had given a person a post hypnotic suggestion (such as "After you wake up, when I rap my knuckles on the table you will feel very thirsty and you will drink a glass of water.") the post hypnotic suggestion would work even if the subject was no longer in the hypnotists presence. That is: even if the subject had gone home, if the hypnotist rapped his knuckles on the table the subject would go get a drink of water despite being, say, two miles away, unable to hear the rap. I haven't heard any modern hypnotist make this claim but I've read two separate older accounts of it. Spooky action at a distance.
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    Back in college. I had a professor who claimed that one time she planned to go to a party and thinking of wearing a certain dress. Then she just slept. The next morning. Her friends claimed they saw her at the party with the color of the dress she intended to wear. She is a very sophisticated and high EQ woman and just mentioned it because she was teaching literature and asked us if we believed in astral projection and described what happened to her that still perflexed her.

    So it's not just saints or wizards who claim to be in 2 places but highly sophisticated people.
    Many occult schools teach that as we develope and evolve our emotions. Our astral body (or whatever it is) would be advanced enough to be in independent places.

    Please cite reports or other stuff you heard about people being seen elsewhere while asleep. Of course we can just attribute it to sleep walking and mental problems. Debunking it is no problem. Just mention the reports or any news if you have heard of them.
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    Anecdotes are just that. They are of no scientific value because they have no proof, cannot be replicated, and therefore cannot be falsified.

    In answer to your PM, this is a science forum. This forum allows for personal anecdotes ONLY if no one tries to give them meaning, as in astral projection, dead human spirits, extra-terestrial beings, mythological creatures etc...
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    What about all the times that someone thinks they see someone they know, or have a dream about someone they know, or have a feeling about someone they know, and they DON'T die?

    The reasoning is simple. People die. And people experience dreams (or whatever they are) about their friends and loved ones. Sometimes those dreams occur right before they die. Just a matter of odds. Of course, you never hear about the times that nothing "paranormal" occurs.
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    If anyone has any news or anecdotes about Teleportation.. please share it too as it may fall under the same group of phenomenon but just differs in degree as in...

    Easy - Crisis Apparition
    Intermediate (non-demolition) - Bi-location
    Hard (demolition) - Teleportation

    In current times. Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in "Autobiography of a Yogi" how his teacher, Babaji, has teleported a bunch of people from place to place from time to time in this century. This is compared to Bi-location reports of saints which date back to centuries ago..

    Ok. If anyone has any information of any kind about Paramanhasa Yoganda and how him might be a fraud. Please share it. I haven't heard of anyone debunking him after half a century (unlike Sai Baba whom some believe are a fraud). Has anyone actually investigated whether Babaji exist or any reason to believe it's all a fabrication?
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    Thank you for this thread - it is interesting.

    I was already apprised of many newspaper reports of Padre Pio, but you have covered it well so far. I myself have never experienced anything like bi-location. But yesterday I asked my cousin Karl, who is somewhat unusual in appearance, and maybe a little bit "charismatic" with women, if he had ever been reported to have been seen out in public when he was in fact at home. He readily replied in the affirmative, adding that this happens to "everybody". When I insisted it did not, he replied that it must be because of his unusual looks, and that people will mistake other unusual-looking people to be him.

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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    I think it's pretty common. I, myself, have twice run across pictures of guys who were indistinguishable from me, even to my own eyes, once in a book, once on the internet. I have also very often seen someone at a distance, thought it was someone I knew, and only found out it wasn't when I got close.
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    Re: CNN Article about "Crisis-Apparitions"

    A few years ago, we found a picture of a girl on the internet that looked exactly like the Evo Child. At first I thought it was her. They could be identical twins, it was spooky.
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