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Collapse calculation (surce code?)

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    I would like to define (calculate/plot) the radius of collapsing interstellar cloud as a function of temperature, density and presure of the star. I would like to describe the collapse calculations of an originally homogenous cloud of one solar mas, with low initial presure and non-isothermal, only adiabatic proceses (only internal energy) by numerical calculations (Larson, 1969).

    Does anybody know how to deal with continuity equation, the equation of motion, energy equation and equation of energy transport by radiation numerically? Which DE metodh to use?

    Or if there is some source code of such or similar numerical calculations (preferably in c, c++, java or mathematica) already online? I guess, there should be? ANYONE KNOWS WHERE TO SEARCH/FIND?

    Thanx! B.r., Bojan
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    A lot of astrophysical fluid simulations use Smoothed particle hydrodynamics. I don't know where there is any code already completed if there is any. That might be a good place to start.
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    I think it was first Sir James Hopwood Jeans who first formulated this topic. I see some equations on his wiki bio.
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