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Collapse! is a series of tile-matching puzzle video games by GameHouse, a software company in Seattle, Washington. In 2007, Super Collapse! 3 became the first game to win the Game of the Year at the inaugural Zeebys. The series has been discontinued since 2015 due to RealNetworks shutting down its internal games studio.In 2006, a spin-off series called Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery! was developed into 5 games.

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  1. B

    I What would an observer inside of a collapsing shell observe?

    What does and observer inside of a collapsing shell observe? Lets say we have a shell of matter collapsing to a black hole. What would observers near the center see? How would the rest of the universe appear when, The shell is approaching the Schwarzschild radius? After the shell passes the...
  2. entropy1

    B Copenhagen Interpretation and collapse moment

    Is it still true that under the Copenhagen Interpretation the standard theory of QM tells us that a measurement apparatus gets into superposition of possible measurement outcomes and does not tell us how and when we get a single decisive outcome? (The so-called "Measurement problem")
  3. H

    A Is there still a collapse problem after decoherence?

    Hi Pf, I take the case of Alice and Bob in the EPR experiment. Here Bob does not measure spin projections but make a Young's double slit experiment. What Alice does on her side will not be known by Bob. She can decide to let her particles go freely to the left (in the environment of Bob). Bob...
  4. K

    I Is this system a superposition?

    Suppose a blind man builds a machine that paints three apples with three colors, either red, blue or green. Once the machine has done this, are the three apples in the following superposition: or is the wavefunction just one of It feels like because the man is blind, the apples should be in...
  5. entropy1

    I The need for a "conscious observer"

    Does unitarity of the evolution of wavefunction get rid of the need for a "conscious observer", and does collapse in contrast demand a "conscious observer"? For with unitarity there are is no requirement for such an observer, and collapse can't be explained without such an observer. The...
  6. entropy1

    I Does information get lost by measurement?

    If we consider quantum wavefunction-collapse, when we end up in a world-thread with a specific value of the measurement outcome, has information got lost?
  7. entropy1

    I The reality of "Many Worlds"

    If MWI and collapse-theory are both possible interpretations of QM, then both of them are not a fact, right? If MWI is a fact then collapse isn't and vice versa, you could say the least. So, shut up and calculate, i.e. the minimal interpretation, makes no inference about the realness of these...
  8. C

    Calculate Pressure vessel Collapse Pressure

    Homework Statement I have a simple cylindrical pressure vessel with thickness 100m and inner radius 254mm,.the cylnder has flat head closed ends but these are thickness 30mm. I need to calculate the pressure that would cause the vessel to collapse given material properties E=207Gpa, poissons...
  9. Peter Morgan

    I Against "Collapse"

    One sees "Collapse" language all the time, and yet it seems there's a very simple argument that shows that it's not necessary. Suppose we measure ##\hat A## twice, at an earlier and at a later time, then the joint probability density for the measurement results being ##u## and ##v##...
  10. entropy1

    Do worlds of MWI ontologically have to exist?

    Is MWI equivalent to a superposition of possible Collapse-worlds? That is, is it equal to a superposition of the possible scenario's given by Collapse Interpretation? Is it imparative that the "worlds" given by MWI all ontologically exist?
  11. J

    I Would this experiment prove consciousness causes collapse

    Firstly i would like to say that i am not advocating the need for a conscious observer to collapse the wave function but i just want to know whether the methodology behind this experiment would prove or disprove this idea. The experiment would be similar to the quantum eraser experiment except...
  12. donielix

    I White dwarf collapses into a neutron star and Energy is released

    Hello everyone. I am trying to solve a problem whose statement reads as follows: Neutron stars have radii of ##\sim 10## km. If we assume that before the collapse the nucleus of the white dwarf precursor has a mass equal to that of Chandrasekhar, estimate the energy generated in the collapse...
  13. K

    I Measurement effect ('collapse') question

    I routinely read that in quantum theory, measurement 'collapses' the wave function. I am unlikely (a geneticist, not a physicist) to understand this very well, but I think my central question is not entirely naive. Whatever the measurement 'collapse' effect really means, I don't understand...
  14. M

    I Black hole event horizon confusion

    Leonard Susskind said "everything that ever fell in, to make the black hole, [..] [is] all contained in [...] progressively thinner and thinner shells that approach the horizon asymptotically, never quite getting there" and from the perspective of someone outside the black hole "a shell, called...
  15. V

    B Where is the field?

    A charged particle is passed through a beam splitter and progresses down two divergent paths. How does the charge field document this? Does the field recognize both components? Only one? And once the field is detected, defining which path was taken, does the field alter it's nature through...
  16. hilbert2

    A Field strength measurement and continuity

    Something about the theory of quantum measurement/collapse in the case of quantum fields... Suppose I have a field, either a scalar, vector or spinor, that I want to describe as a quantum object. For simplicity let's say that it's a scalar field ##\phi (\mathbf{x})##, where the ##\mathbf{x}## is...
  17. durant35

    I Can entropy drop in the Copenhagen interpretation?

    I've been reading some speculative articles about the possible quantum arrow of time which emerges through collapse and irreversibility. My question is: does collapse in the Copenhagen interpretation (or perhaps in a objective-collapse model) allow the spontaneous decrease of entropy where an...
  18. C

    I What happens mathematically when a wave function collapses

    In Shankars "Principle of Quantum Mechanics" in Chapter 4, page 122, he explains what the "Collapse of the State Vector" means. I get that upon measurement, the wave function can be written as a linear combination of the eigenvectors belonging to a operator which corresponds to the...
  19. L

    B Why did famous people think consciousness causes collapse? also schrodinger believed it, and maybe bohr too? this is such a stupid concept, it's obviously false. but clearly i must be missing out on something, people like them aren't going to believe in things that's "obviously...
  20. mollwollfumble

    B In what year was wormhole collapse discovered?

    In what year was it first discovered that wormholes are non-traversable because the introduction of infalling matter caused the throat to collapse? Who discovered this?
  21. entropy1

    What is the difference between MWI and CI?

    Suppose we measure a normalized state ##|\Psi \rangle = \alpha _0 | \lambda _0 \rangle + \alpha _1 | \lambda _1 \rangle + \alpha _2 | \lambda _2 \rangle + ...## with ##| \lambda _i \rangle## the eigenvalues of the measured observable. Is it true that, in the CI, the wavefunction collapses into...
  22. entropy1

    B Nature of collapse / does collapse exist?

    I learned that the moment a wavefunction collapse takes place is a matter of interpretation. So, I suppose the phenomenon 'wavefuntion collapse' is something that has to be witnessed by observation at some point to be able to establish it at all! So my question is: if collapse doesn't actually...
  23. entropy1

    B Measurement and the creation/loss of information

    If we measure, say, the polarisation of a photon, the polarisation state of the photon collapses along the eigenvector of the observable corresponding to the measurement. This may seem as a loss of information of the original polarisation (for it is now collapsed into another value). However...
  24. A. Neumaier

    A Collapse from unitarity

    Not quite. But it necessarily has to be described by a different quantum model than unitary dynamics if it is an open system and the rest of the universe is not explicitly modeled. For convenience, physicists often want to describe a small quantum system in terms of only its Hilbert space, when...
  25. entropy1

    Does a polarisationfilter do a measurement?

    Consider a measurement of a photon after it has passed a polarisationfilter. Does the photon jump in a (polarisation-)eigenstate by passing the filter? Does the filter do a measurement? Is the filter part of the entire measurement?
  26. A. Neumaier

    I Is collapse indispensable?

    I studied lots of points of view, and lots of how physicists actually use quantum mechanics in the applications. I came to the conclusion that there is an objective and a subjective side to quantum mechanics. The collapse belongs to the subjective side, since it is associated with ''knowledge''...
  27. T

    EPR paradox and time of collapse

    According to the EPR-paradox, if we have a pair of two entangled spin-1/2 fermions A and B and measure z-component of A, B collapses immediately as well(i'm using these letters for both particles and their observers). The 'canonical' solution is then to state that it is not possible to transfer...
  28. D

    How to calculate bridge deformation based on "design"?

    Homework Statement I'm not sure if this belongs here, sorry if it does not. I am trying to find the most amount of mass a bridge can hold before deforming/collapsing. I was trying to factor stress/ultimate tensile strength into it in a way. Is there a way I can calculate ultimate tensile...
  29. G

    Basic questions about decoherence

    Hi, I've been reading some (very) basic texts on decoherence and have some questions about it: 1. What is the difference between decoherence and dephasing? 2. Assuming decoherence, can we completely do away with collapse theories (i.e. theories in which wavefunction collapse must be...
  30. J

    The Collapse of a Black Hole

    So I was reading threads and i came across a question on what happens when a black hole collapses. As I was reading the responses, I saw some people commenting in which they asked if the mass the black hole absorbed was released when the black hole collapsed. If it did would the black hole...
  31. kini.Amith

    Can we accurately measure the momentum of a particle?

    Is there any law that prevents us from accurately measuring the momentum of a particle , just like the energy time uncertainty principle makes us observe the system for an infinite amount of time before we can be certain about its energy? I got this doubt because if we can do it, we will...
  32. M

    Objective reduction

    Roger Penrose suggested that wf collapse is an objective phenomenon caused by gravity. Is there any actual model for this? For instance, how would the nonlocal collapse work with relativity?