College policies how do I know them?

  1. I am a freshman at Akron University. Things like CLEP, precredit, deadline to drop classes w/o penalty, and more. Every week, I am finding more things out. If I knew about these before I went to College, I would have been much better off. So do you guys know of a book or something where I can find all of these things out?

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    It's probably online on the school website. It's pretty easy stuff to figure out.
  4. Don't you get an advisor from your major's department?
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    All colleges and universities that I know about publish a book that lists the courses that they offer, requirements for the various majors, general requirements for graduation, etc. It's usually called "the catalog". The one for my school that I have on my desk right now, is labeled "2007-08 Academic Catalog."

    You should be able to get a printed copy from the registrar's office or admissions office, and maybe other places on campus. It's probably available on the college's Web site as a PDF download. Large schools might split it up into more than one volume.
  6. Most Freshman don't know this, but you'll learn it in time. Basically ask your adviser for a list or simply find a calender of school events off their website. It shouldn't be hard to find.
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    Everyone who goes to college or university gets hit with these things eventually. Don't worry, plan ahead and get a course catalog and you'll get it down. Good luck in your first year!:smile:
  8. I am not talking about course catalogs or event calenders...What I meant to ask is that how do I figure out more rules about the system of how college body operate. Ex. Clep
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    That is why we mentioned catalogs and calendars. These are the tools you use to gain information about college deadlines and requirements. Also, you pick them up fairly quickly as you get used to college/university life. Don't worry, you'll learn more and more of the rules as you spend more and more time in school.
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