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Homework Help: Collision of subatomic particles

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    A sub-atomic particle os mass 0.113 u collides head-on and elastically with a stationairy neutron. The neutron moves off with a
    speed of 3.8 x 10^6 (power 6).

    I am having a number of difficulties with this question. For instance, whats the mass of one neutron in terms of u
    please forgive me for asking such a newbie question but what does a 'head-on collision mean'

    and why is it that the equation for principle of momentum
    would not necessay apply if the sub-atomic particle had a much greater initial speed.

    what does this mean?
    and why is it that we are applying the equation in the first place.

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    A neutron has a mass of 1 atomic mass unit - a proton likewise (in reality they're slightly different but I assume this question wants you to use 1u)

    Head on just means you don't have to consider angles.
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