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Colourful language in math writings

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    Not math, not a paper, but one my professors in a Solid State lecture:

    "there are no gay or bi electrons, opposites attract!"

    Then he went on to teach us about cooper pairs which I would consider the Eiffel Tower of solid state, but I desist.
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    here are a couple from Willard's General Topology:

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    Andras Stipsitz, as quoted by my friend:
    "Convex sets are the sets where you don't play hide and seek because it's too boring."
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    I once installed a counter in an industrial plant that came with a less-than-professionally-written manual. See the attachment for an excerpt.

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    the lakes of wada is funny too. I was surprised to find that "wada" doesn't just mean water, but it's also a guy's name :tongue:
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    I would argue that it's lacking. Scientists worry too much about seeing professional so people would respect them and what they say, but since whatever they say is true, they can colour it whichever way they want...just keep it tasteful, to the point, and it can even have a greater educational value than a bland explanation.
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