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B Commonly quoted PF article required.

  1. Apr 6, 2017 #1
    I lost all my download articles.

    One article that has been attached a lot is a QM momentum analysis of a free wave on two slits.

    It is a great highly readable article for non professionals.

    I am thinking Bill or Peter Donis quote it a lot.

    Please, please help me get this article back.

    I can't remember author.

    Free steak knife for first to link it.
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    It could be in there somewhere, the article was a single PDF from arix.

    Showed how QM produced the double slit pattern with momentum eigenfunctions.

    Raised to two steak knives.
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    That is def the topic and looks like a great paper but not the specific one, I will keep it tho.

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    Is it the one by Marcella?

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    By golly that's it,

    Thank you.

    And now eerr about those steak knives...how can I say this.
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    Argh, and you were so lucky to loose it! :wink:
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    Why, you don't like the paper??

    I think it is a good step between undergraduate level and the main literature.
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    Well, they don't explain the handling of momentum- and position "eigenfunctions", and particularly in scattering theory (and the double-slit experiment is mathematically a scattering problem) that's the key issue to understand. Momentum and position "eigenfunctions" do NOT represent quantum states of a particle!

    I rather recommend to first read the treatment in

    A. Sommerfeld, Lectures on Theoretical Physics Vol. 4 (Optics)

    There it's treated correctly. The very same mathematics applies to Schrödinger's equation.

    Alternatively you can also have a look at the path-integral treatment in Feynman&Hibbs. That's a case, where the path-integral method is really elegant.
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    Do you have any links please.
  13. Apr 8, 2017 #12


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    The links are the books I mentioned!
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    Cheers, I was chasing free stuff, I did read a few excerpts. Books are so expensive not many by them without reading them on line first IMO.
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    As in steak knife?
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