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Community SciFi writing project proposal

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    Since there has been little activity on this part of the forum the past week I have a few questions to pose to those who visit

    First a definition. A Community Writing project, is what it sounds like. Its a Story written by the community. normally the setting is based on the board it is posted on. It is written Chapter by chapter by different contributors.

    My First question is to the Moderators. Is there any problems with this?

    My second question is to the Community itself. Is there any interest?

    If there is interest in this We can talk about rules and setting, Likely the setting will be very loosely defined with the writers creating the setting as it is written. It will be Soft(ish) SF
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    Re: Community Writing project

    Good idea, not much interest though :( Maybe try again in a few months when this forum has "matured" a bit.
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    Re: Community SciFi writing project

    Brainstorming time!

    How about the main character is a guy named Greg who gets his consciousness transferred into the internet where he has to operate a forum for science with his thoughts?

    The main villain is named Evolina, a computer virus gone rampant which is attempting to wipe out all scientific knowledge on the internet.

    Greg, and his pet cyberdog, Phindsee, will have to best the evil Evolina in several challenges, including fish slapping, cake eating contests, and the dreaded "Math test but forgot pants" challenge!
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