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Compete in the qualifying tests this year

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    Hi, I'm 15 years old and from Canberra, Australia. I want to compete in the qualifying tests this year (2012) then go to Monash Uni for summer school, then hopefully make the cut and go to IPhO. I'm currently studying Calculus (Derivatives and integrals). I'm not far in compared to some people competing (all the year 12's) but I think by the time of August I can manage to do my part in studying maths and physics, and at least get some experience (for future qualifications).
    I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some books, online lectures and so on..
    If you want a more grasp of my level, I've done projectile motion in physics, obviously as I said before some calculus, and I'm studying at ANU every Friday for maths (if not enough please ask and I'll provide the information). If you would like to recommend anything that is totally fine :)

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    Re: IPhO

    Here's the syllabus:
    http://ipho.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/syllabus.html [Broken]

    It looks like any standard freshman physics textbook will suffice.
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    Re: IPhO

    *Googles definition of Syllabus then questions intelligence* :P
    haha thanks man really appreciated it :)
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