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Homework Help: Complcated Chemistry Reaction - impossible?

  1. Jan 28, 2013 #1
    Complcated Chemistry Reaction - impossible??


    Help :(
    My notes say:

    Step 1 is a 221 reaction. If peroxides are used in your version, then the anti-Markovnikov bromide is formed. If your version had only HBr, the the Markovnikov bromide is formeed.

    Step 2 creates organolithium or Grignard reagent (depending on your version).

    Steps 3 is a strong acid (D2O) - strong base (organometallic carbon) reaction which gives a deuterated alkane.


    I managed to get A right but I can't get B right :(
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    Re: Complcated Chemistry Reaction - impossible??

    Why would you think you would get a grignard when you treat with lithium? Why does your answer show four carbons when your starting material is propene?
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    Re: Complcated Chemistry Reaction - impossible??

    What exactly is the grignard reaction then???
    Don't you just remove a C=C bond and make it a single C-C bond and add a another –Br bond to the end of one C atom ??
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