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Complete the balanced reaction if it will occur.

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    State "does not occur" if the reaction will not take place.
    please let me know if i am right
    a) Na + HNO3 ---> NaOH + NO2

    b) Ni(II) + Cu2O --> Cu + NiO

    c) Zn + Mg(NO3)2 --> does not occur
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    Next time, please post you chemistry homework questions under The Other Sciences section of the Homework & Coursework subforum.

    If Na does react with HNO3 (the question does not state if it's aqueous or anhydrous HNO3), this will not be the correct reaction. What happens when most metals react with an acid? Hint: Something is evolved.

    This question too is ambiguous. Elemental Nickel has zero oxidation state (by definition, this is true for all elements), so one must only assume this is Ni2+ in aqueous solution. In that case, your equation clearly does not balance charge, nor does it balance the number of Cu atoms. But more importantly, you need to determine if the reaction will occur at all.

    This is correct, but do you know why?
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    reaction number 3 will not occur because magnesium nitrate is a salt and zinc is a metal and a metal and a salt cannot react
    but the others two i am not sure
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    Actually, a metal will react with a salt solution in many cases. For instance, what happens if you drop some Zinc pellets in a solution of CUSO4 (this reaction is the basis of the Galvanic cell)?

    Hint: Keywords to look up are "activity series" and "displacement reaction".
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    will not take place place because Zn has a lower oxidation
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