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Completely bombed my english final FML

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    I'm in high school and my english final was basically analyzing a short story and then writing an essay on what I thought the theme/message was. I completely and utterly screwed up, it was a really challenging piece but the conclusion I came to turned out to be completely wrong, and in hindsight the evidence I used wasn't even the strongest. I don't know what to do, I had a solid A leading up to the final and I really loved the class, but this is just devastating. At best she might give a C, and that's being optimistic. Obviously it was a very subjective test but still I mean I can't believe I messed up that badly. Even with a C on the test that lowers my grade down to like a borderline A-/B+. What should I do? Talk to my professor right away? It hasn't been graded yet but I already know I did horribly.
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    Don't worry about it. Go ahead and talk to your teacher about the grade, I doubt it will have a huge overall effect. In the scheme of things communication skills will be more important than analyzing fiction if you're looking to go into physics/engineering etc.
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    First, wait until it's graded

    Second, a B+ is still a good grade, everyone screws up. Don't expect special treatment; take it as a learning experience and do better next time.
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    Your right, my apologies for being rude.
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    It's a literary analysis paper, and you're in high school. A monkey could likely write better critiques of literature than most of your peers. Wait to see how you did, then you can be worried - or, better yet, just don't worry about it that much. Even if you got a C, your life is not "f'ed".

    As an aside, I'm the kind of person who has a certain disdain for literary analysis, even though I often write from the perspective of literary analogy and metaphor. Consequently, I would oftentimes explore the least obvious possible literary analysis, sometimes even to the point where I knew the author had no intention of laying out such parallels. I always received a very high grade for my unique perspective. There is no right or wrong answer in literary analysis, although admittedly I doubt it is a legitimate critique to suggest that Moby Dick was paralleled by the author's deep-seated hatred and revulsion for sperm.
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    :rofl: whew, that one caught me by surprise...
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