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Complex analysis - something really confusing

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    I think I have misunderstood one of the theorems in complex analysis

    (k reperesents the order of the derivative)

    Theorem: Suppose f is analytic on a domain D and, further, at some point z0 subset of D, f (k) (z0) = 0. Then f(z) = 0 for all z subset of D ...

    Is the theorem basically saying is that if f(z) equals 0 at any z0, then it will equal zero for all of the points?? That doesnt' sound right at all ...

    any help with be greatly appreciated
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    That theorem is obviously wrong. The function [tex]f(z) = z^{k+1}[/tex] is a counterexample. It verifies [tex]f^{k}(0) = 0[/tex], is holomorphic in any domain, yet it is nonzero for every [tex]z\ne 0[/tex].

    Most probably your theorem is one of the following:

    1) If [tex]f^k(z_0) = 0[/tex] for all [tex]k\ge 0[/tex], then f=0 in D.

    2) If [tex]f=0[/tex] in some open subset of D, then f=0 in D.
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