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Automotive Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion-the significance

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    In what way is compound vortex controlled combustion effective ? and does it effectively reduce emission?
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    Ranger Mike

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    no one else has replied so I will offfer my dubious opinion.
    As i understand it, the vortex thing swirls the fuel air mixture to help suspend the gasoline particals and this makes for more effective mixture burn. The way the mix flows into the combustion chamber is made to swirl so that the mix is routed in a cirlcular manner rather then coming in and hitting the wall and going every which way.

    What you do not want is fuel droplets due to difference in intake maifold runner temperature as the gas drops will not be as effective as the suspended mixture wehn the drops finally reach the combustion cylinder. so the vortex spins the fuel air mix. Last time i did the math a cubic foot of air waighed 0.08 punds so if your engine needs 500 cfm of air you are pushing 40 pounds down the intake every minute. it is even heavier with gasoline added.
    Back in the carbureator days we even had intake gaskets that had fine mesh sceens at the cylinder head intake port in an attempt to keep the gas droplet thing out ( plus it helped that you could retrieve nuts that you dropped thru the carb when you were flogging in the pits). Anyway thats my take on vortex theory
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    Is this one way of a stratified type charge being utilized?
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