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Conerned about transcripts and career.

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    Hello, I was a first time college freshman majoring in electrical engineering back in 2004. At the same time as my freshman year my family went through a foreclosure. I took on a full time job to help redeem the property and was placed on academic probation because I failed every class without dropping. I appealed my academic probation status and was allowed to continue the next semster but still ended up failing my classes. I was then dismissed from the university. After the situation at home was fixed I ended up saving money so that I could pay for tuition out of pocket, retook all the classes I failed and Aced them all. I’m now a junior with a 3.6 GPA but wanted to know if I am wasting my time pursuing my degree because of my bad freshman year and dismissal (especially because of the competative field) or will I be able to get a decent job after I graduate? Also, will I be eligible for any internships my senior year?
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    I don't think anyone will care about your ancient history.
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