What is Career: Definition and 1000 Discussions

The career is an individual's metaphorical "journey" through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are a number of ways to define career and the term is used in a variety of ways.

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  1. Field physics

    Next steps toward my PhD in research in Nuclear Medicine and Physics

    I'm taking my next steps as my main dream is to have a pHD work in a research setting like a lab that's harder said then done. I got accepted into a BS program that's nuclear medicine and I'll be doing some more physics as well so hopefully the goal is to learn more physics and there...
  2. Syandan21

    Considering everything, is computer science a good or bad major?

    I am considering majoring in either this or electrical engineering, but I am worried because computer science is very popular, the job market is terrible, and also colleges might not except me, and that nvidia's CEO said that coding will be replaced by AI. Please help!!!
  3. mimi10

    How to become a propulsion engineer?

    As an entry level graduate, I'm exploring some ways to become a propulsion engineer. How can I become a propulsion engineer? What all should I consider to learn (both concept wise and software) ? What are other roles related to the path of a propulsion engineer that one must try?
  4. H

    Job Skills Jobs/career advice needed for IT/Computer science

    Hello everyone, I did my studies and finished my master's in natural sciences, only to find out that the ground is too shaky and jobs/prospects are scarce. Also, after long term unemployment, I lost a little my interest in academic work. Since I have a second degree in business administration...
  5. docnet

    How Did Your 30s Shape Your Life?

    Just turned 30 and was wondering if you would be willing to share stories about your 30s and from either gender. What lessens did you learn, what were your priorities. what you were working on career-wise or school-wise, or what were short or long term your goals? Thanks for your input.
  6. E

    Programs Trying to decide what program to study (physics or engineering)

    I am passionate about physics and math and science, you've heard the story a million times. I don't know whether I should study in physics or engineering. I find the concept of Engineering Physics really cool. I've heard it still gives you the opportunity to go study graduate physics? (Lets...
  7. Slimy0233

    Finding Meaningful Work: Career Advice for Young Scientists

    I am 23 right now and I was scouring the internet to decide on what to do next. I wanted to be a physicist for all my life but at this time that doesn't seem feasible to me at this time. I haven't been taking all that good care of my health recently and I want to never repeat that mistake again...
  8. Aramaan

    Physics Physics Graduate planning to do research in photonics

    Hey, I was just contemplating career opportunities after my Undergrad. I am slightly interested in theoretical physics but I can't imagine doing it the rest of my life. My main interests are nano-photonics and quantum technologies and I am planning to do research in these fields. I am not...
  9. Slimy0233

    Other Is Pursuing a Career in Physics the Right Choice for Me?

    [Can skip everything blue] I have made a few threads in the past trying to get an informed perspective on whether sticking with Physics would be the best thing for me. Although, some of you have made very helpful comments, I am not sure if leaving Physics would be right path for me. I realize I...
  10. hgtrreds

    What is required to become a mechanical engineer

    hi, Does anyone know how to become a mechanical engineer? is it difficult or easy? thanks.
  11. opperator

    Advice for an Undergraduate: What to do after I finish my Physics/Math double-major BS degrees?

    Hi, I'm an undergraduate student in the US going into their 3rd year (of 4), and I can start to feel the weight of deciding what to do after my undergraduate studies. I'll break down the concerns into 2 main questions, and any advice is greatly appreciated! For context, I am on track to finish...
  12. ryo_br

    What are the career prospects for physicists in Brazil and abroad?

    Hello, I'm a physicist with a PHD from Brazil. I want to know more about physics, correlated knowledge (mathematics, engineering, computing), career, jobs to compare with what I see in my country and estimate trends for the future in the path of physics.
  13. P

    I'm sick of research and I haven't even started my career yet lol

    I graduated last June and I’ve been a research technician ever since (at a school different from undergrad institution). When I have energy and am not stressed out about the impressions I’m making in the lab environment, the work I do is still quite enjoyable but more often than not this is not...
  14. LenaWenaKena

    I'm interested in physics but have no idea what path to take (14 years old)

    How did you find PF?: Google Search I'm new to this forum and I am currently 14 years old. I've recently taken an interest in physics(Due to popular science/ books and natural curiosity). But I have no idea what path to take so I could study it. I come from a poor and quite unsupportive family...
  15. Ffflovin_20

    Creating a Computer Graphics Career Goal: A Rough Plan for 960 Hours

    Goal/Background I've taken these courses before(from different college/sources but didn't resonate) So my current career goal is to get into computer graphics industry or research. Open to both game engines or simulation graphics Academic goal is to prepare myself for upcoming Computer...
  16. L

    Engineering Finding the right Career Path/Job Prospects in EE

    I've recently graduated from EE and was looking for jobs on the market. While I'm looking for any good opportunity that comes my way, I wanted to plan out my career path and how to achieve it in the long-term. That way, when I run into roadblocks and issues on the job, I'll be able to think...
  17. BWV

    Best career advice I have heard

    Don't follow your passion
  18. S

    Physics Most Common Programming Language in Physics Career

    HELLO ALL, First off, my apologies if this topic is redundant, but I was wondering which programming language is widely applicable to a physics career. What positions in a Physics related career use what specific languages? What is one's best option if one is pursuing a research position versus...
  19. Thai

    Which Major Should I Choose for Astrophysics Professor Career?

    Summary: Should I major in math, physics, or astrophysics? Hello. I want to be an astrophysics professor someday. Does anyone have experience on whether I should be a math major, or a physics major, or an astrophysics major? And whether I should get B.A or a B.S? Thank you.
  20. C

    Exploring Career Paths with a MSc in Biomaterials and Biomechanics

    I graduated Bioengineering BSc and I am currently a MSc student in the field of Biomaterials and Biomechanics. Next year I will finish this master and I am interested in searching for job. I do not know what kind of job can I apply for with my master degree. I would like to search and prepare me...
  21. F

    Career Direction after rough end to Physics degree

    I recently graduated last year with a BS in Physics. To say that it was rough would be an understatement. I started off my degree very well, getting nearly all A's and A-'s. My performance would decline for various reasons, though mostly due to mental health which spiraled and became a bad...
  22. G

    Engineering Career advice for a nuclear engineering graduate

    Hi everyone, I'm from an Asian country, and graduated with M.Sc. degree in nuclear power engineering last year from a university in Russia. Since then, I have been looking for jobs related to nuclear engineering but no luck up till now. Seeing that nuclear energy is getting trendy now in...
  23. Useful nucleus

    Engineering Career Awards in Science and Engineering

    Is self-nomination common for career awards in science and engineering? I was under the impression that nomination for awards is only by others but apparently self-nomination is an option too. Any PF member has an experience in this to share?
  24. M

    Other Is physics, computer science, or engineering the right path for me?

    I am 18 and currently in the middle of taking a gap year from high school to college. I am going to college this fall, and I want to go into college with a better grip on what I want to do than I have now. I absolutely love physics, science, and math. I also have a huge attachment to the idea of...
  25. C

    Physics Rewarding career after physics graduation - Mysterious money?

    Rewarding career after physics graduation - Mysterious money ? ====================================================== Thanks for your response to my threads. This is an interesting forum to seek an insight on this subject. I am surprised by recent piece . Physics professor mysteriously sent...
  26. redditflingbing

    Unsure of the path I should take after univeristy

    At the start of univerity I had a huge problem that really threw me off track. Thus during the first two years (4 year total due to masters) I focused my time on the core maths modules (maths 1, 2, 3, 4). In year 3 and 4 I sorted the problem and really got my head down and ended up achieving a...
  27. soniajessi

    Other Is Data Science a good career Choice?

    Is data science in demand? Is data science hard? How many hours do data scientists work? Is it hard to find a job as a data scientist?
  28. lysol

    Other Exploring a Career Transition from Physics to Nuclear Engineering

    Hi y'all, I'm a 3rd year undergraduate, finishing up a BS in physics and a BA in political science. I've been working at a computational physics lab since freshman year, my GPA is pretty good (3.73 right now), and I'm pretty involved in campus leadership. I love physics and the lab I'm working...
  29. leephys009

    Physics Do endowed research positions exist in physics like Terrence Tao has?

    For example, Terrence Tao has an endowed research position where he is able (paid to) through grants and school salary to do whatever research he wants. Tao does research in pure and applied math. This is rare of course, but I haven’t been able to find any information on this in physics...
  30. F

    Physics Career Advice For Final Year Physics Student (UK)

    Hi Everyone, As the title suggests, I'm looking for some career advice. I want to go into software development (but feel free to suggest any other areas where I might be a good fit, I've also been looking at risk analysis positions). I have experience in a bunch of different areas but it feels...
  31. Mr.Husky

    Other Looking for advice about my career....

    Hi everyone, I am now a junior high school student who is going to start his senior after a month. I was selected to a tier 1 University in my country. I checked all professors and postdocs websites and I can say that they are mostly doing research on condensed matter physics. Should I learn...
  32. P

    Engineering What jobs can I get with a PhD in EE and web development skills?

    I posted here before about my struggle to secure a job in Canada. I am still in the same position. Many and many rejections letters. I consulted with someone I know who is working in the industry in my field, and told me "honestly, with 3 years gap in the last 6, and 4 years since your last job...
  33. R

    Physics How to start a career in physics having a degree in applied math?

    Hello, I have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and I want to pursue a career in physics. I have a good understanding of physics and have the ability to learn very advanced topics by myself just by reading college books and solving the exercises. I am more attracted to experimental physics but...
  34. I

    Courses Preparation for an applied math career

    I'm a current math major and I'm interested pursuing a graduate degree in applied math. My question: Is it better to take as many pure undergrad math classes (real analysis, abstract algebra, topology, etc.) as possible for preparation? Or should I focus on classes like differential equations...
  35. P

    Job Skills Any industry jobs for physics grads requiring no programming?

    Hi all, my question is as title. I am a fourth year PhD student in US and planning to graduate early to get in industry or community college. I major in high energy theory, and I have no coding/simulation skills at all (not interested at all). Thus, my situation is that professionally I have...
  36. Lyra

    Programs Exploring a Career in Medical Physics: Advice from PhD Physicists

    Hi All, I am currently doing a PhD in condensed matter physics (experiment) and want to enter medical physics. My ideal job is more like a mix of research and clinical as I want to be able to actually help people. I wonder whether anyone has any suggestions on what I should do. I already have a...
  37. E

    Physics Careers in Physics for Equation-Writing Problem-Solvers

    I am an undergrad physics and mathematics double-major. I really enjoy physics for the problem-solving and logical thinking involved in it, and its use of heavy mathematics. Recently, I've gotten into undergrad research but I am not liking it at all, for it is extremely computer-science based...
  38. M

    Lost in a physics career and willing to return

    Hello, I am remembering that I started a bachelor in physics from 2005/6, 15/16 years ago but I feel I got stuck in that, I graduated in 2012 after many personal struggles to cope with. I loved physics and the idea to find something new and it was hard to cope with the reality that there is a...
  39. P

    Physics Grad School (and career) Work-Life Balance: Physics vs Other Fields

    Let’s start things off straight: I LOVE physics. I love the opportunity to understand the world more in depth and mathematically and have had good experiences with all my professors in all of my classes. I have loved the teaching experience I have had as a several-time TA, as well as the deeper...
  40. R

    Physics Is the Job Market for Geophysics in Canada Uncertain Due to the Pandemic?

    Hi all. This is my first post in the physics forum! My name is Raymond. I have recently graduated with a double major in Physics and Geophysics in Canada. My initial goal was to pursue Exploration Geophysics/Hydrology in grad school ( University of Toronto/UBC/University of Calgary) and go to...
  41. Mikkel

    Job Skills Preparing for a career as quantitative analytist

    Hello, I'm looking for any advice on how to prepare myself for a starting position as a quantitative analytist (quant). I'm currently doing my Master's in astrophysics, where I for the last 1½ year have been practicting my coding skills, as I found myself gravitated towards the industry's data...
  42. VulcanRach

    Which Countries Offer the Best Opportunities for a Career in Aerospace?

    Summary:: Masters in aerospace in countries which allow jobs and career path in the same country I'm entering 4th year of my undergrad in mechanical engineering from India and my interest has always been in rockets and propulsion technology. I want to pursue masters in aerospace from US...
  43. E

    Other Quantum Physics Career With Bachelor's Degree?

    Hello! I wanted to work first before I go to grad school for Ph.D in physics (especially in quantum). I wanted to work in a field close to quantum physics, but I was wondering if there were such jobs for those with bachelor's degree in physics?
  44. AryaUnderfoot

    Programs Exploring a Career in Biomathematics/Biostatistics

    Hi! I'm a recent graduate who majored in aquatic biology and minored in computer science. During my degree and an internship, I found out that the practical parts of biology does not quite appeal to me, but when I was briefly introduced to the more theoretical aspect, math modelling for wildlife...
  45. Jake Ng

    Mechanical Engineer Career. Short 3 question interview.

    I have an assignment for a class where I have to interview Mechanical Engineers. The questions are “Why did you choose this career?”, “Are you happy in this career?”, and “What advice would you give to someone who wanted to pursue this career?” I would appreciate it if someone could answer these...
  46. b1anthony

    Physics "Failure to Launch" Career Advice

    I took some time off twice getting through college just about a year each time. I also have about a years worth of failed classes and a GPA of about 2.02. Although my major GPA is around 2.5 still not that great. Graduated in 2017 officially but last class was taken in 2014. So its. . . well...
  47. A

    Physics My goal of a Physics R&D Career with only a Bachelor's degree

    I graduated in 2016 with my Physics BS and Electronics Engineering BS. Ever since I started the physics major I knew I wanted to go into a research and development job like at a lab. Not really interested in being a teacher except maybe college since professors have opportunities for doing their...
  48. poudyalb

    Other Undergraduate 3rd Year - Need some Academic / Career Advice

    Hi, I needed some help/advice. I am a Math Major at Dickinson College. I am also taking lots of courses in Physics and Philosophy. At this point, which is the fall semester of my junior year, I have: - 3 more courses left to complete my Math major. I still need to take Abstract Algebra, a...
  49. P

    Newbie to physics, a composer, considering comp sci as career

    How did you find PF?: google search Hello fellow explorers in all regards. A bit of background on myself. I am first and foremost a musician and in particular a composer. I went to college at 18 studying music at an art school in the united states. Long story short, I spent a lost of time...