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Confused about logical statements.

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    A and B or C

    Does that even makes sense as a statement?
    I thought logical operators are binary.

    Obviously, the "or" links to C but what is on the other side? A or B?

    i mean 1+2-3=0 makes sense since (1+2)-3=3-3=0=1-1=1+(2-3)

    But [(A and B) or C]=(AorC)and(BorC)
    [ A and ( B or C) ]= (AandB)or(AandC)

    these are not the same.
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    Your analogy is incorrect. The corresponding expression in arithmetic would involve both multiplication and addition (distributive law). a(b+c) = ab + ac.
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    You really need to use parentheses to be clear

    I think most computer languages will interpret it as

    (A and B) or C

    But I know of at least one that will make it

    A and (B or C)
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