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Connection between math abilities and physics

  1. Oct 20, 2009 #1
    How well off are you in physics if you're pretty good at math? This is probably an attempt to rouse my self-esteem but it seems like I'm pretty good at math (doing an introductory analysis/calculus course, think Courant and Spivak) but I really, really suck at physics.. How can this be? maybe I suck at math too?

    I really want to take physics seriously, I find that the things physicists study can be more interesting than the things mathematicians study.. But I just suck at it so much
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    This forum really doesn't exist to stroke people's egos. If you're not good at physics, then clearly that should be an indication that being good at math by itself does diddly-squat for your physics. They are related subjects, but physics has a SIGNIFICANT conceptual side that math-heads seem to forget. Get a handle on the concepts or continue sucking is the choice here.
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    There are also plenty of good experimental physicists that are not very good at -or interested in-"pure math".

    So, while you need to be good at math in order to be theoretician there is no clear correlation between being very good at math and being good at physics.
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