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Conservation of momentum at Annihilation

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    If you have a proton and an anti-proton travelling in the same direction with momentum from A to B but during the flight time they become attracted due to thier opposite charges and annilhilate, the momentum I would guess is transfered to the resulting unstable K particles mesons etc, which, as I understand it, further breakdown into Electro Magnetic Radiation (Gamma Rays?) and Neutrinos.

    It seems to me from my limited research in positron/electron annihilation that each fundamental particle pair (electron/positron and quark/anti-quark) eventually decays into a Gamma Ray pair of equal strength and opposite direction (180 degrees) possibly at 90 degrees to the point of annihlation.

    Can I assume that the original momentum of the proton and anti-proton would be dectable in the wavelengths of the resulting gamma rays? Or is the momentum transferred to the Neutrinos?
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    They are only opposite in the rest frame.
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    Intriguing. Of course they will be be in their own rest frame relative to each other.
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