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Constructing a Table. (Radioactivity)

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    NOTE: This is not homework, but if you feel it is in the wrong forum then move it. I didn't know a better forum that it could go in.

    I want to construct a table of results (minus the results for now) that is related to how the count rate on a geiger muller counter varies with distance with a radioactive isotope. I would appreciate some suggestions of table headings. Here are a few I have already come up with, any thing you think I could add?

    Count Rate (or activity)
    Background Count
    Corrected Count rate

    I would like to incorporate the inverse square law, but I am unsure how to do so. I want to measure the intensity or see how it varies. Would that just be [tex]\frac{1}{d^2}[/tex]

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    Have a column of d^2 times Intensity. Test if its entries are constant for varying d.
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