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Contact analysis in Flexible gear

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm working on an analysis model of flexible gear in ANSYS workbench.

    This model has 3 components: flexible gear(FG), wave generator(WG) and rigid gear(RG)

    Applied force have two case: WG makes FG deforming from circular shape to ellipse shape, the FG contacts and engages to RG for transferring torque or moment.

    I used all contact type is frictional. Contact: FG, targets: WG or RG.

    The specicial of this model is that FG and RG are not contact together in first time. After being deformation, FG can be connect to RG.

    I try to solve model, but model didn't give me a stuitable results.

    I wish that I have some help for my trouble!

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    Explain what you believe should be a suitable result as compared that the one shown.
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    I try to set some non-linear condition for contact condition with medium meshing quality. And program shows me a error message.

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