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ANSYS Workbench: revolute joint problem

  1. Apr 19, 2017 #1
    Hey folks,
    I am doing a structural static analysis in ANSYS Workbench. A problem has troubled me for several days. Here it is: I would like to connect object 2 to object 1 by a revolute joint, which allows 2 to follow the movement of 1 and to rotate around this joint at the same time (under the effect of a spring pressed on 2, and the effect of an object 3 which is initially in contact with 2). The revolute joint is correctly defined, but it works as a fixed joint, which means 2 follows the movement of 1, however it cannot rotate around joint axis as defined.
    I tried another method to create the model, by replacing the revolute joint by a frictional contact between the cylindrical surfaces of object 1 and 2. When object 2 is in contact with 3, the model works well (2 follows the movement of 1, and it rotates). However, when object 2 is no longer in contact with object 3, it moves but doesn't rotate.
    Do you have any ideas what is wrong in my model? How could I realise the connection? (by revolute joint or frictional contact)
    Thank you in advance.
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    Solved! I didn't check the reference coordinate system. The Z axis was wrong.
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