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Nonlinear contact convergence problem in ANSYS Workbench?

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    I am using the static structural module of ANSYS workbench to do a simulation. In my model, there is a gear and a spring which presses against the gear, moves along it and pushes it to turn counterclockwise. These two objects are in frictional contact. In my calculation, I always have the problem of convergence at the moment when the spring pass the top of a gear tooth. I tried to adjust different parameters of the contact: normal stiffness factor (0.01,0.1,1), stabilization damping factor (0,0.1,1), detection method and time step controls. (I set to update stiffness agressively after each Iteration). The problem is always there. Do you have any ideas how I can have my calculation converged? Thank you.
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    Here is the Image.

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