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News Contaminated Toothpaste from China Suspected in Panama

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    The New York Times reports that some 6000 tubes of "contaminated toothpaste" have been found in Panama and are believed to have come from China. If true, this would be the 2nd major incident of contaminated ingestable items in a month. Last month, a key ingredient utilized in pet food killed and sickened dogs and cats across the U.S. Do international trade of ingested products and food items pose key threats to public health? Does this report, if true, suggest wider QC and safety failures in Chinese food and ingestible products? Story link below:

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    Chinese FDA Agency Head Sentanced to Die for Role In

    International news reports today that the former head of China's agency (FDA equivalent) will be sentanced to death for "taking bribes" in allowing substandard toothpaste to be manufactured and sold. Story link:

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070529/ap_on_re_as/china_tainted_food [Broken]

    In contrast here in the U.S., such individuals and companies are sued, and could can face fines and jailtime for criminal violations.

    I wonder which country's system poses a better deterent to such mass failures: China's, or the U.S.?
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    China's equivalent of the FDA is a joke. In the meantime the toothpaste has been found in the USA and thats not funny.:yuck:

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    I heard about the death sentence in conjunction with the substandard antibiotic.

    The sad part is the deaths of at least 10 people from bad medicine.
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    If you are buying "store brand" personal care products that have been made in China, throw them out! They have no screening process in place to ensure (at any level) that the crap coming out of there is safe to use.
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    Duh! LOL. IMO, that is a legal system that works. Talk about "accountability". With those kinds of consequences, your salary is truly earned.
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    Hey this Chinese toothpase really gets around. Northwest Hospital, a privately owned for profit facility in Tucson, has just announced that they are recalling all toothpaste given to patients.

    Turns out it was made in China and of questionable quality.:surprised
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    China corners market on vitamins

    Perhaps this should be in the "Whats Wrong With the U.S. Economy" thread.:rolleyes:

    http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2003732744_vitamins03.html [Broken]
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