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Continuous Function for this please

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    Continuous Function for this please !!

    Hi guys,

    Whats the continuous function instead of this?

    f = 1/a + 1/(a+1) + 1/(a+2) + 1/(a+3) + ... + 1/(a+(n-1))


    f = 1/a + 1/(a-1) + 1/(a-2) + 1/(a-3) + ... + 1/(a-(n-1))

    (a) is any number, and i want n to not be only an integer, i want it to be generalized as we did for (n-1)! = Gamma(n)

    I know riemann zeta function but it takes the sum to the infinity, i want it only to a specific REAL number

    Anyone can help about this? please, as i said in my previous post, no interpolation, and only continuous function is wanted,

    and Thanks
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    HOW???????????? Any one can help me with this?????

    The Equation (6) has a some to infinity !! can you guide me?
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    Thanks Any way, I fixed the problem using the harmonic numbers,
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