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Contribute beside using a paypal account?

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    Is there any other way to contribute beside using a paypal account?
    I don't feel very secure about paypal accounts..
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    You don't actually have to create a paypal account when you contribute (unless some flakey thing has gone wrong with the server again). You just use paypal to pay through a credit card. But, if you prefer another means of payment, you can contact Greg Bernhardt by private message (he's the site owner) and inquire into whether there's another way to contribute that you would feel more secure about.
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    According to what I heard, PayPal is pretty much secure, since it's definitely in their interest to be secure.
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    Ok I see, something else my country is not listed when I'm trying to contribute In paypal thing, choose the nearest?????
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    The country selected determines the currency, as far as I can remember. If your country isn't displayed, contact Greg and ask him about whether he can accept payment from other countries (otherwise, you're likely to get charged extra for the currency conversion if you use your credit card for a currency different than yours).
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    actually my credit card is in $, but I can't find lebanon, and if I choose USA I have to enter a location in The USA, where I don't live, so quiet like cheating , but I'll contact him with this issue.
    Thank you..
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