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Conversion of particle fluence to Krad

  1. Feb 6, 2009 #1
    suppose in a radiation environment , the radiation dosage is given in terms of no: of particles per square centimeter, how will we convert it in terms of rad or kilorad or gray?
    For eg: let the proton fluence be 6.2 X 10^11 /cm^2. the energy is 50 MeV. how can we express it in terms of Krad?
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    I thought those doses where [energy absorbed per kilogram of matter]

    e.g 1 Gray = 1J/1kg matter

    So one has to make assumptions on what is happening to that radiation fluence, assuming that it impinges on water and that it is fully absorbed or whatever.
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    actually i am dealing with the radiation effects of certain materials like InGaAs pin photodetector. in 1 square centimeter of that material proton fluence of 6X10^11 particles are falling.i want to get the dosage in terms of Krad or gray. In one paper it was given that 6.2 X 10 ^11 protons/ cm^2 of energy 50 MeV corresponds to 100 krad.
    similarly 2 MeV electrons of fluence 4.1 X10^12 corresponds to 100 Krad.
    and 100 MeV electrons of fluence 3.3 X 10^12 also corresponds to 100 krad.
    how can i relate all these figures?
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    what paper? a paper related to that particular detector?

    6.2 X 10 ^11 protons/ cm^2 of energy 50 MeV is 5 Joules/cm^2

    I mean, the dosage is measured in energy per mass, and it is material dependent.
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